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Hot Sellings

  • Valentines’ Day Big Sale

    My boyfriend and I met at a Angel Mob. We celebrated 3 years this week. He is 100% supportive of me using wigs and toppers.his support makes it easy.

    Elizabeth Dinette

    Valentines’ Day Big Sale

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year. I wear wigs and suffer with hair loss and he tells me I'm beautiful with and without them. I've never tried a topper and would love to win the coupon to go towards purchasing one!

    Sabrina D'Ilario Tambasco

  • Valentines’ Day Big Sale

    This is a photo of my husband and I 10 years ago as we been married for 12 years. We were friends for 3 years before we got together as a couple. As we grew to know eachother he came out of the blue and confessed his love and 6 months into relationship he proposed. I'm so greatful I married my best friend.

    Sieglinde Perewiznyk Mays

    Valentines’ Day Big Sale

    October 29 will be our 25th Anniversary looking forward to 25 +++ more

    Lesley Hebert Holder

  • Valentines’ Day Big Sale

    In 2010 I was hanging out with a coworker at her place. Her brother came home after work to change before a date, but heard me laughing and thought he'd see who was there. He saw me, cancelled his date, and spent the whole night with me. We were immediately inseparable. We got engaged in 7 months, were married in 2012, and we're still as happy as we were at the beginning. He's been an incredible support through my chronic illness and subsequent hair loss.

    Kali Samlal

    Valentines’ Day Big Sale

    30 years

    Trina Sanville

  • Valentines’ Day Big Sale

    Last Christmas with my husband of 14 years. I’m wearing a synthetic topper with bangs that he likes. He was my rock through breast cancer and now Hypothyroidism. He tells me I’m beautiful every day and can’t tell I’m wearing a topper.

    Claire Merriam Johnson

    Valentines’ Day Big Sale

    When I first started losing my hair, my wonderful boyfriend held me while I cried. Then he helped me pick up and start researching options for replacement hair. He is so supportive of me wearing toppers. He tells me I'm beautiful with and without the toppers.

    Kristin Donovan


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