Welcome to our Human Hair Wig Collection. We invite you to browse through our sensational range of human hair wigs. The softness and touch of supreme real human hair is truly one of a kind. Our 100% human hair wigs embody both luxury and a highly realistic look. We offer a variety of human hair lace wigs(lace front, full lace and glueless),  Silk Top Wigs and Monofilament wigs . Whether you are experiencing hair loss, or you just want a glamorous new look, you’ll discover your dream hair here.


What Is A Wig?

A wig is a head covering made from human hair or synthetic fiber. People wear wigs to cover hair loss or baldness or change their hairstyle and color. Obviously, human hair wigs are wigs made from real human hair. They will give you the most natural feeling compared to the synthetic wigs.

What is a silk top wig?

A silk top wig has the most realistic scalp look that the market has to offer today. The silk top wig uses a tri-layer cap construction, where the hair is knotted below the silk, and then injected through to make the knots 100% invisible. This system gives the appearance of hair growing from your own scalp. The UniWigs Perfection silk top human hair wig has a combination of a silk top base and a lace front, which is the best pairing! The silk base offers the most realistic scalp and the lace front offers the most natural hairline.

What is a mono wig?

A Mono Top Wig has a cap that made from a very fine, sheer material called monofilament. Monofilament wigs have been known as the best wig for cancer patients as it is a perfect combination of style and comfort. A monofilament wig creates the illusion of natural hair growth and offers you natural hair movement.

  1. Soft comfortable cap
  2. Friendly on sensitive scalps
  3. Natural hair movement

What is a lace wig?

A Lace Wig is very light weight and breathable. Not only a perfect choice for people who want a flawless look, but also a great solution for people who’re suffering from alopecia, hair thinning, hair loss or balding. UniWigs Lace Wigs Collection contains LACE FRONT WIGS, FULL LACE WIGS, and GLUELESS FULL LACE WIGS. Check out the Wigs 101 video above to learn more about the three different Lace Wigs

Can I dye or bleach my human hair wigs?

Yes, you can dye your human hair wig darker. However, we do not recommend bleaching or lightening human hair wigs, as this would severely damage the hair.

Since UniWigs human hair wigs are made from 100% remy human hair, they can be dyed darker. If you do choose to dye your human hair wig, it is important to take extra care of the cap base and lace front, as dye stains will not be able to be removed. We always recommend that you use the help of a professional hairstylist to assist you in the dyeing process. It is also advised that you dye one piece of hair first as a test to ensure that you are satisfied with the results. Lighter colored wigs such as blondes will also take dye a lot better than darker shades.

Can I curl or straighten my UniWigs human hair wig?

Yes! Our human hair wigs are made with 100% remy human hair, which can be curled, straightened, blow-dried and heat styled, just like your own hair! UniWigs human hair wigs are designed to be styled in a variety of different ways such as in a bun, up-do, ponytail, or anything you would like.

customer testimonials

  • This might be my favourite piece that I’ve had from Uniwigs so far. This piece has a medium blonde root making the knots much much lighter and less noticeable than the darker shades I’ve worn. The long blonde lengths are silky and lightweight, and are easy to style with heat tools. Its lace front and lace top allow for free parting and a natural hairline from ear to ear.

    Sayde is wearing Harper Blonde Highlight Remy Human Hair Lace Front wig

    SKU: LS1834, Length: 16”, Color: 10R Creamy Ice

    to get more infor about Harper Wig

  • Years upon years of wearing improperly installed extensions and super tight ponytails finally made my follicles let go and give up. The thing that a lot of people don’t know is that alopecia can be permanent and for me it is. If you have something that bothers you a lot like me, look to the professionals to help you brainstorm a way to hide or potentially even solve it. We are all beautiful women and we are all in this together helping to lift each other up!

    Gabriela is wearing Perfection Brunette Balayage Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

    SKU: LS0101, Length: 18”, Cap: Lace Front Cap

    to get more infor about Perfection Wig

  • I used to cry thinking I was gonna be that “fashion blogger that wears wigs now”.... But now I smile because I know I’m not even close to being alone in this.... and also, Ariana Grande lyrics just became my anthem...”You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it.

    Dani wears her Hanna mono remy human hair wig

    SKU: CL1802, Length: 20”, Cap: Mono Top

    to get more infor about Hanna Wig

  • Oh my GOSH! This wig is exactly what I needed. Ever since I lost my hair to leukemia after undergoing chemotherapy, this has boosted my confidence and made me feel like my old self again! I love this oh so much! Very lightweight and natural !!!

    Corrina is wearing Chloe Long Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

    SKU: LS1808, Length: 22”, Cap: Lace Front Cap, Color: Natural Black

    to get more infor about Chloe Wig


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