• HOW TO: Easiest hair braiding style with UniWigs Hair Extensions

    Feeling bored of your hair? Why not play around with hair extensions to add some beautiful highlights and create some braids!
    Today, I will show you how to achieve a fantastic braiding style look by using our UniWigs Violet 10 Pieces Clip-ins in color T-486 (

  • How To: Wash and Revive Old Hair Extensions | Hair Care & Tips

    Today, let's talk about how I revive my old hair extensions. I hope these tracks and tips help some of you struggling to find a reviving method, so you can easily take care of your hair extension and make them look brand new.

  • WHY and HOW to pluck the hairline?

    From our former Instagram post we can see that many girls don't understand why we need to pluck the hairline of wigs. Let's see what our follower @issa_blvckmermvid explained:

    “You get a pair of your BEST tweezers and a comb. You start where your lace begins in...

  • How to Customize A Human Hair Wig for Beginners?

    If this is the first time you wear a wig, there is some information that you need to know before wearing it.

    Do I need to sew the combs, clips or elastic band myself?

    full lace cap

  • How To choose the Hair Topper for Thinning Hairline

    For ladies suffering from hair loss problem, they may have the different patterns of hair loss in the different areas on their heads. Some ladies don't only have the thinning hair in the top or crown area, but they also have the receding or thinning hairlines. Today we are going to talk about...

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