How To Properly Care For and Maintain Your Blond Hair Topper? [9 Pro Tips]

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A skilled colorist is essential to maintain your desired hair color and achieve the ideal blonde. To make their blonde hair look more alive and beautiful, we have put together a guide on how to properly care for and groom your blonde human hair toppers for women at home. But before we get into the details, let’s consider why good care is essential to maintaining the desired shade.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance for Keeping the Desired Shade


Proper maintenance is essential for retaining the desired shade of any object or surface. Here’s why.

Prevents Fading:

    Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and guarding from sunshine, helps to maintain the color brilliance over time.

Prevents Discoloration:

    Proper maintenance keeps pollutants and contaminants from dulling or changing the color.

Extends Longevity:

    Routine care keeps the colour true for longer periods of time, minimizing the need for frequent touch-ups.

Improves Appearance:

    Consistent care keeps the shade appearing fresh and vivid, ensuring the ideal look.

9 Pro Tips How To Care and Maintain Your Blond Hair Topper

Before discussing blonde hair care tips and tricks, it is important to understand the basic needs of blonde hair toppers. From combating lead to conserving moisture, these tips will help you achieve and maintain the blonde color you want while your hair is healthy and shiny.

Tip#1. Choose Blonde-Boosting Shampoos

Every blonde client should use two types of shampoo:

1. Purple shampoo
2. Color care shampoo

Purple shampoo, often known as blonde shampoo, helps to eliminate copper tones and restore shine. Use purple shampoo when their hair starts to turn yellow or orange. Lather, leave on for three to five minutes, and rinse completely.

When not using purple shampoo, blonde hair toppers clients should choose formulas appropriate for their color and hair type.


Tip#2. Limit Heat Styling Equipment

Try to use heated instruments sparingly to protect the color of their hair. Blow drying, straightening, and curling can all cause color to fade. When they use hot tools, they should apply heat-protective lotion or spray.

This can protect against breakage, UV rays, mechanical damage, frizz, and heat (up to 230°C/450°F). It also nourishes and seals the hair, giving it a glossy finish, and is vital for keeping healthy, vibrant blonde hair.

Tip#3. Avoid Swimming

While in the pool or ocean, keep your blonde hair healthy and prevent it from getting into the pool and seawater. Rinse your hair with fresh water before showering. It will help to reduce the amount of salt you absorb.

When you plan to swim, remember to wear a swim cap, which will also help prevent chlorine from damaging your hair color. This simple process can help your blonde hair retain its color and save your blonde human hair topper from turning an ugly greenish chlorine finish.

Tip#4. Apply Shine Spray

Blond hair color does not look more attractive than those with brown hair, but you can style and spray your hair to add shine. If your hair is brittle, dry, or blonde, spray it with a sheen spray to moisturize and nourish it.

Spray it on damp or dry hair and massage it with your hands for a stunning finish.

Tip#5: Keep It Nourished

Many of us who strive for the perfect blonde tint frequently put our hair under a lot of stress. Bleaching dark hair may be damaging, removing oils and nutrients and leaving it dry and brittle.

Processed hair needs special care, so invest in a decent leave-in conditioner and deep treatment mask to replenish moisture and avoid breakage.

Tip#6: Take Caution With Oils

Take caution when using hair oils. While they are fantastic for nourishing blonde hair, they can leave it oily and heavy if not applied correctly. Ensure the oil has no tint like yellow-tinted oils, as they can easily discolour platinum or white blonde hair.

Tip#7: Always Use Sulphate Free Hair Products

Avoid shampoos containing sulfates, such as SLES and SLS, which produce large lathes while harming your hair. Here’s one tip: you must read the labels carefully before buying any high-end product.


Tip#8. Environmental Protection

Protecting your hair not only involves avoiding heat styling equipment but also shielding it from the sun. Too much sun exposure can cause your skin to burn and harm your hair. UV radiation can dry out your hair and change its color. Using hair toppers for thinning hair can help provide additional coverage and protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Wear a cap or scarf outside, or use items meant to protect your hair from dangerous UV rays if you don’t want to cover it up.

Tip#9. Upgrade your showerhead

The quality of your water impacts the health and color of your hair. In tap water, minerals, iron, chlorine, and fluorides can cause hair to dry out and turn orange. Replace your standard shower head with a filter to reduce harshness and keep your hair and skin healthy.


Finally, by following these nine pro Tips about “How To Properly Care For and Maintain Your Blond Hair Topper”, you can keep your blonde hair topper in excellent condition, preserving its color, sheen, and longevity. With careful care and upkeep, you may get a dazzling blonde look that lasts.


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