How To Remove False Eyelashes

July 15, 2020

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Applying false eyelashes is one thing, taking them off is another. Most false eyelash experts understand how to remove false ey

elashes without hassle, but for false lash newbies, this task can be somewhat challenging. Taking off your false eyelashes isn't supposed to be a war between your real lashes and the falsies. It can be a simple activity that can be completed with all your real lashes still intact.

Most falsies are applied with an adhesive glue for a secure fit. This adhesive can be a problem when it's removal time. Although it can be tempting to just pull of your false eyelashes for the convenience, it is not recommended as you can lose some of your eyelashes. Here's how you can gently remove them instead.



When taking off your eye makeup, go for an oil or gel-based makeup remover and marinate your eye region by holding a makeup pad or cloth against your eye, focusing on your lashes with the remover. You can let your eyes soak for a little bit while you clean off the rest of your makeup. Coconut oil really does the trick and is a natural way to remove eye makeup and soften the falsies hold. Applying a remover or oil is always recommended because it softens up the adhesive and makes the false lashes much easier to take off.

Once it's been a minute, you can attempt peeling off the false eyelashes, if it's still tight, apply more oil or makeup remover and let it sit for a further minute. You'll want to do this when the false lashes peel off as easily as possible so as not to damage your God-given lashes.

Once the glue is completely soft and non-sticky, simply peel your false lashes off and put them away to be cleaned. Then check your eyes for any left-over glue that may be lingering on your lashes and clean the rest of your eyes.

Use a glue remover

Another great way to remove your falsies is by using a false eyelash glue remover. To use a glue remover, firstly remove your eye makeup by either using a makeup remover or washing your face. Once this is done, apply some of the glue remover solution onto a cotton pad and then apply this to your falsies.

Gently rub the cotton pad on both falsies for 10-20 seconds each, and then leave to set for 30 seconds. After its set, use tweezers to gently remove your false lashes. Avoid pinching the lashes so as not to ruin its integrity, then store it in its packet.

Handling your false lashes with care when removing and cleaning them will help them to last longer so they can be worn again. By removing your falsies with one of the above methods, you'll also keep your own eyelashes healthy!

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