Hair 101- How to Deal with Hair Topper Tangling and Matting

May 20, 2020 How tos and Tips Views: 6244

Let's talk about hair tangling and matting. Unfortunately, this is just something that hair does. Human hair toppers and extensions can get tangled a lot quicker than our own natural hair does, especially after they have been worn regularly over a period of time.

When you wear your hair topper for your daily look or even just occasionally, you are adding a lot of extra hair to your head, especially if you also wear hair extensions. You are adding more volume to the nape of your neck, your shoulders and your head in the lower back area. Our scalps generate a lot of heat, so when you wear a thick human hair topper, you are going to generate even more heat, as well as a lot more movement with your hair. Think about how often you move your head back and forth, up and down throughout the day. With the heat of your scalp, it is possible to cause more sweat and tangling.

Hair Topper Tangling and Matting

So let's talk about sweat. Unfortunately, we cannot control it. Some people sweat more than others. Our sweat has a high salt content in it and when it gets into our hair, it can cause tangles and matting.

Hair Topper Tangling and Matting 2

Think about when you are going to be wearing your hair topper, if you are going to be doing something that may even cause the tiniest sweating, you want to prevent it. If you are going to be exercising or going to the gym, a way to minimize tangling is to brush your topper and hair beforehand and put your hair up in a ponytail or bun. Or you could even choose to not to wear your hair topper at all if that's an option for you, especially if you are going to the gym.

Hair Topper Tangling and Matting 3

Are hair toppers and extensions dryer than our own hair?

Hair toppers and extensions are dryer than our own natural hair. Think about this. Human hair extensions and human hair toppers are no longer receiving new growth from our scalps and our scalps essential nutrients. So essentially, our toppers and extensions are more prone to tangling and matting issues because they are dryer than still growing hair. So, this is why we suggest to not wash your UniWigs human hair toppers too often, so that they are not overly dried out.

When you brush tangled and matted hair, it's almost impossible to not break off some hair. Most people don't realize how much hair they are breaking off, and that's another factor you should consider. When you are going about your daily activities, keep a purse brush with you and brush your hair throughout the day. This should help to keep your hair tangle-free and to prevent excess breakage.

Hair Topper Tangling and Matting 4

Tips for matting and tangling with styling aids

Keep in mind that even if you just put styling products on to your own hair, not on your human hair topper, throughout the day because your scalp generates so much heat, the styling product may rub off on your human hair toppers. Even if it's a bit of spray, it can cause more tangling. And it can also cause the matting depending on what kind of chemical products you used. This may lessen the lifespan of your topper.

Hair Topper Tangling and Matting 5

Another reason for tangling is too much heat styling

There are proper and improper ways of curling and straightening your hair. A top tip is to own at least two or more human hair toppers. The reason for this is that you can keep one curled and one straight, and then alternate between them. This way, you don't have to continually heat one topper to be curled one day and straight the next, depending on your style. This will really prolong the lifespan of your toppers and prevent them drying out and tangling as quickly.


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