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UniWigs New Year Sale 2019

January 01, 2018

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We've just celebrated the Christmas Day a few days ago, and now the New Year is around the corner. What's your dream and goal in 2019? Do you have any plans for 2019 already?

When the new year is coming, we always make some wishes and plans for ourselves and have resolution to make more efforts in the coming 12 months.

We wish to be healthier, do more exercises, read more books.etc, nevertheless as a member of UniWigs, we stick to our mission :
“To provide healthy & quality hair& makeup products and service.
To satisfy customer's demand for fashion , care and perfect appearances.
To create unique value for every single customer”.

We are on the way to achieve our goals.

human hair wigs new arrivals

At the start of a New Year, we could wash away bad memories and make some changes- It's a good time for a fresh start! There's an old saying:”If you want a complete change, changing it from your head”. Beautiful volume hair is always fascinated us. Maybe changing a hairstyle should be your No.1 of your To-do list, and trying a wig maybe is your first option to choose!

Let's hear some reviews from our customers:

hair topper before and after

“I'm am soo happy I came across your website. I've need dealing with hair thinning due to my chronic illness (Lupus) and I've lost alot of hair. I was feeling very depressed and unattractive, then I see Uniwig and I was like, let me give it a try...and I wished I'd found ya sooner!!! Here is my before and after.”

uniwigs topper review

“My hair has been thinning along the hairline and top for some time now, so after lots of research and seeing great reviews I decided to purchase this topper and I was not disappointed. The color did end up blending in well. I really like the mono filament base because it allows for a part in any direction and looks very natural. I definitely recommend the topper”.

UniWigs is having a grand New Year Sale at the moment. Check our website for 2019 New Year sale! Valid till Jan 1.


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