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votes: 134

votes: 144

votes: 32

votes: 71

votes: 88

votes: 59

votes: 37

votes: 78

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Blonde With Pastel Pink Hue

votes: 28

Blonde to pink or blonde to coral ombre hair

votes: 19

Platinum blonde with subtle rose tint

votes: 6

Blonde Balayage

votes: 25

Burgundy balayage on brown hair.

votes: 102

Fiery look hair color. Reds, Oranges, hints of yellow.

votes: 16

Mermaid Colors (Blues & Purples)

votes: 38

Mid-Long length wavy wig in Brunette/Black cherry red ombre

votes: 27

Dark brown roots ombré to bright or hot pink. Long wavy

votes: 15

Deep Purple with dark roots

votes: 29

Platinum blonde

votes: 2


votes: 0


votes: 0


votes: 0


  • Time: Ends January 31, 2023
  • How to join: Click the VOTE button under the colors you like, Everyone has five votes to cast.
  • Bonus: All voters can get 500 loyalty points. The most popular color supporters have a chance to earn 5,000 points (=$50)! (5 voters would be selected randomly.) The results will be announced on February 1.
  • ALL voters can get 500 loyalty points after voting.

    5 voters will be selected randomly to get extra 5,000 loyalty points (=$50).

  • * All the pictures are from Google search.

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