The REAL TRUTH About Wearing Wigs - HONEST WIG TALK & ADVICE for Those NEW to WIGS

July 31, 2021 Human Hair Wigs 101 Views: 2485

Have you ever wished to hear some of those little tidbits of information that wig wearers sometimes share on their wig journey? Hearing advice from other wig wearers can be very helpful when starting out your own wig-wearing journey. Just to know that you are not alone here! Welcome to this blog on the real truth about wearing wigs.

Learning just happens when you wear wigs. And you may not know that you will learn a lot, but it is always helpful to know these things in the beginning. It is always nice to feel like 'oh this isn't just me, a lot of people are experiencing these same things. It's part of being a wig wearer'.


Firstly, you are never going to feel like you're not wearing a wig. There are wig caps that are quite comfortable, but it's all on a spectrum. As you wear different wigs and you wear them for a long period of time, or you just wear different types of wigs, you will notice they have different features.
You will learn what feels comfortable to you and what doesn't feel so comfortable for you. Although you're still going to feel like you have a wig on your head. You may hear people sometimes say, 'I actually forgot I had a wig on today!'. You may also hear that their wig was so comfortable that they didn't even think about taking it off until late at night. That happens!

After wearing synthetic wigs for a period of time, you will get to know whether they're HD or heat-friendly fibers, if they can take a little heat to them, or if they can't take the heat.
You'll experience wigs that tend to be more realistic in the way they look and the way they feel and even in the way they move. But the truth is that synthetic wigs are never going to behave like your real hair. It's just not going to happen. The most realistic wigs are human hair wigs. You're going to get a more realistic feel with them because they're human hair.
Here are a few pros and cons of human hair. Cost is obviously the biggest factor for most of us. But there are other pros and cons to consider.
With wigs, you can decide the style and color you want today if you would like to.


All wigs are warmer to wear than just your natural hair. You may be able to tolerate heavier wigs if you live in a colder climate, or you may prefer a lightweight wig, especially if you get hot flashes. There are machine weft caps that allow a little more air circulation. Shorter styles of wigs are lighter to wear, and they allow air to get to the nape of your neck and keep you cool.
If you sweat a lot and are fortunate enough to have enough hair to wear a hair topper, then a hair topper may be a more comfortable option for you to wear during the summer.

Your wig will never look perfect right out of the box. A lot of people think that you can just take your wig out, shake it out, and it will look fabulous. Rarely that can happen. Usually, you will still want to use your fill-in powder or concealer to make the hairline look better.
Yes, there are literally shake-and-go synthetic wigs that you don't have to fuss with, and they look great.
But for human hair wigs, the majority of the time, it's not going to look perfectly styled to suit you right out of the box. So, keep that in mind, and don't get disheartened if you get your first wig and you need to style it first.


Don't be afraid to make your wig your own. Take it to a stylist and get some subtle bangs if you're comfortable with that. Have it thinned out or get a few more face-framing layers. If you're not comfortable doing that yourself, definitely seek out a professional, because again you know that wigs are made for the masses. You want your wig to suit you and look like you, and you may need to give it a little somethin'-something to make that happen.

Sometimes you may feel hesitant to style your wig. You may feel that it is just too delicate, or that it's not necessary, or that you are just afraid to do it. You absolutely should not be afraid to style your wig and that doesn't just mean applying heat to it. There's nothing wrong with styling your wig to make it yours and putting some product in it. Feel free to wear accessories with it, try out pretty clips and things that maybe you haven't been able to wear in your own hair for years. Have fun and get in there and style that wig once you have it on your head. Don't be afraid to use hairsprays and serums to polish off your look.


If you hate your wig, definitely return it. Otherwise, you can make it work. You can put something in it to make it look cute. Put a headband in it. If you order two wigs and they're not behaving the same way, that's very common. Just roll with it and have an open mind, and don't let it get you down.

The main positive for most wig wearers is that they love having thick hair all the time. Some women have had fine thin hair their whole life, and so they love having lots of hair to style, wearing different hairstyles, and being able to switch up their hair color sometimes.

So, if you're contemplating wearing a wig or if you're a seasoned wig wearer, hang in there! We all go through ups and downs on our wig journey, and we all have days where we'll feel a little more insecure than others. That's okay and it's totally normal!


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