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Discover the secret to perfectly wearing a lace front cosplay wig and achieve a flawless, natural wig hairline every time. Whether you're new to the cosplay scene or looking to perfect your look, our step-by-step guide, infused with tips and tricks for lace front cosplay wigs, will ensure you stand out in your next event.

Our lace front cosplay wigs are crafted with sheer lace tied to the front of the wig to give a natural wig hairline. These wigs are perfect to help portray your fantasy or cosplay character and finish off your cosplay look by adding fun colored hair! These days, lace front cosplay wigs are growing in popularity because of their natural look, affordability and varieaty of fun styles. Moreover, buying a lace front cosplay wig is easy, but wearing it properly is a different story.

Steps to Wear a Lace Front Cosplay Wig

The following points will help you wear your wig in simple steps!

black cosplay wigs

• Firstly, it's always best to put on your cosplay make-up and costume before you put on your cosplay wig. The last thing you want is to accidentally get some make-up or craft glue on your new wig! Putting on your cosplay wig should be the final step in creating your cosplay look.

• Next, you have to arrange your hair for under the wig. If you have long hair, you can split your hair into two sections, braid them and then secure them to the back of your head. If your hair is short, you can simply fold it under the wig. As long as your hair is flat for the wig, any hair will be fine. Ensuring your hair lies flat under the wig starts with creating a smooth base. For those with long hair, braiding and pinning your hair against your scalp can provide this flat surface. Meanwhile, a wig cap, whether it's a pantyhose, fishnet, or soft viscose cap, not only smooths down your hair but also protects your wig from oils on your skin, enhancing its longevity.

• Before you put on your cosplay wig, consider wearing a wig cap underneath. You may think that you might not be wearing the wig for long, so why bother? Well that's up to you, but a wig cap will smooth your hair down, giving the wig a more realistic shape. There are different types of wig caps including pantyhose caps, fishnet caps and soft viscose caps. The fishnet cap is lighter to wear and put on, but some hairs can come out of the holes. The pantyhose cap is smooth to wear. Soft viscose caps are also cooling and comfortable. Selecting the right wig cap is crucial for comfort and realism. Pantyhose caps offer a sleek surface, fishnet caps provide breathability, and soft viscose caps deliver an unmatched level of comfort. Your choice should align with your activity level and the duration you'll be wearing the cosplay wig.

Lavender Mist

• Now, put the wig on your head. Bend down and pick up the wig with two fingers. Next position the wig's hairline against your own and flip it onto your head.

• Take some time to position the wig correctly on your head. Make sure none of your hair is showing and the wig cap is hidden under the wig.

• Next you can secure your wig. Most cosplay lace front wigs come with small combs inside the wig cap. Find these combs and then slide them into your hair underneath the wig cap. If you find the wig feels too loose on you, adjust the size with the adjustable strap in the back of the cap. Many people also find sewing a wig band in the wig can help the wig to feel secure.

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• Once your wig feels firm and stable, you're ready to start styling the hair. Style the hair like the cosplay character you're dressing up as. Sometimes the wig might be a bit long, but only trim the hair if you know what you're doing as the hair doesn't grow back!


Q: How do I make my cosplay wig look natural?

A: Achieving a natural look with a cosplay wig starts with selecting the right wig that matches your hairline and using a wig cap to flatten your natural hair. Ensure the wig's hairline aligns with your own, and use styling tips to blend the wig seamlessly.

Finally, your cosplay look and hair is finished! I hope these steps helped you to put on and wear your cosplay wig correctly, especially if it was your first time!

If you have any questions feel free to email us at [email protected].

Have you tried any of these tips for your lace front cosplay wig? Or do you have any tricks of your own? Share your experiences and advice in the comments below to help fellow cosplayers!


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