How to Remove Your Hair Patch: A Gentle Guide

February 29, 2024 How tos and Tips Views: 544

Concerned about the removal process of your hair patch? Fear not! In this blog, we’re here to ease your worries and provide you with effective methods for a painless removal experience!

Remove the hair patch

  1. Opt for commercially available cleansing oil or our professional adhesive remover when removing your hair patch. These products are specially formulated to dissolve adhesive gently without causing harm to your scalp or hair.
  2. For starters, we recommend spraying the cleansing oil or remover around the edges of your hair patch, in the meantime, please ensure thorough coverage.
  3. Then you’ll need to patiently wait for at least 5 minutes for the remover to sit and weaken the adhesive. When removing the patch, it’s essential to do so with care to avoid pulling your own hair and hurting your scalp.
  4. Take your time and peel gently to ensure a smooth removal process. Encountering resistance or stubborn adhesive? What you’ll do is simply apply more adhesive remover and allow it a few more minutes to make the hair patch easier to peel off before attempting to lift the edge again.
  5. After taking off the hair piece, you’’ need to softly cleanse your scalp with a mild shampoo and warm water to ensure no adhesive residue remains.
  6. If there are any adhesive residues left in your hair patch, on the hair, or the base, it’s advisable to use adhesive remover along with a cotton pad to gently eliminate them.

    For your convenience, we recommend the following products for safe and effective adhesive removal:
    Ultra Safe Adhesive Remover for Skin Use
    Ghost Buster Adhesive Remover for Hair Systems
    C-22 Citrus Solvent Adhesive Remover for Men Hair Systems

    With these tips and recommended products, you can bid farewell to your hair patch worry-free. Happy styling!


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