How to Make the Perfect Summer Braid

August 31, 2020 Synthetic Wigs 101 Views: 3368

Summer is the time when most of us desire to explore our fashion choices, and to try a new hairstyle! But it can be challenging to create a new hairstyle on your own! We've all been there when we've given up trying a new style and just gone for the basic ponytail. BUT here we have found the perfect texturized summer braid that is simple enough for anybody to create. Whether you want to try a new hairstyle for work, you want to be creative in your spare time, or you want to practice an elegant braid hairstyle for a sophisticated event like a wedding, this blog will guide you to craft a unique braid hairstyle perfect for summer. Here we have put together some easy to follow simple steps for how you can transform your wig (or your own hair) into a brand new braid.

How to Make the Perfect Summer Braid

Braid by @styles_by_reneemarie

Step 1: Tie off the crown
Firstly, using a clear elastic band, portion off the hair at the crown and tie up, leaving out some face framing pieces of hair at the front if you desire. You can also pinch out the top of the hair to add some volume.

Step 2: Create a Dutch Braid on either side
Next, using hair either side of you're the middle section, braid two medium sized Dutch Braids all the way down to the bottom, and then tie off each with a clear elastic band. Pinch out the braids for fullness.

Step 3: Tie off the horizontal section that ends at the nape
Now, take a horizontal section of hair that ends at the base of the neck like in the picture, and tie off with a clear elastic band.

Step 4: Split the remaining hair into two and tie off
Then, grab the remaining hair underneath, and split into two, tying off above the previous section. Do the same to the section below that.

Step 5: Criss-cross the braids and tuck them in
Now, for the tricky bit, criss-cross the Dutch braids, and carefully tuck them inside the lower sections you just made, securing with bobby pins and using an elastic as an anchor.

Step 6: Add texture
Finally, pinch and pull the braid to add texture and volume throughout. Now your braid is finished, and you can leave it as it is, or accessorize it with a silk scarf, pearls, flowers or anything you would like!

blue braid wigs

blue braid hair

blue hair

Enjoy more braids from Renée Marie -- Artist Connective of Modern Salon

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