DIY Your Hair Topper to Look the Most Natural on You

May 11, 2020 Hair Topper 101 Views: 9144

Today we are going to share some helpful tips and tricks from the wonderful Kali on how you can DIY your crown hair extension toppers to look natural on you.

Kali first got her Upgrade Claire Plus hair topper in the shade 24-613R Summer Shandy, which is a really pretty blonde color. But - it didn't match with her own hair color at all, as Kali has red hair. So, the first thing she did was dye her topper. She previously dyed her first Claire topper before and the final process was great and the color matched with her red hair.

how to diy a hair topper 1

When she dyed her first hair topper, she did nothing to the lace to protect it from the hair dye, except being careful when applying the dye. Unfortunately, it didn't work at all and the lace did get dyed. As a result, the hair parting and hairline didn't blend in with her skin color. She tried dabbing some powder and some concealer to the lace, but it wasn't the same.

how to diy your hair topper 2

So when she got her second topper, the Upgrade Claire plus mono topper, she did some research on how to protect the mono top base from getting dyed when she dyed it.

Generally, you could use a gel or Vaseline onto the base to stop it from getting dyed. Kali used the Got2B glue for this job and just applied a thick layer to the mono parting area. She then let the Got2B glue dry completely before she started dyeing the hair. And this worked really well.

After Kali dyed her topper, she made some adjustments to make sure her topper looked natural on her.

The first thing she did was cut off the halo wire. She didn't think it was necessary for her with the clips. She also sewed in an extra clip, because she thought this would help the topper lay more flat. UniWigs always send a little bag with some additional clips in.

So here is what she did:

She parted the topper hair where she likes to part it. Then, on the topper base underneath, she sewed in a clip underneath the part to help the topper stay flat on her head. It also gave her some lift of the hair on both sides.

how to diy your hair topper 3

Kali also did some quick restyling to make the hair puff up a little bit more. To do this she put the topper on a block head with 3 pins to secure it on. To give the hair topper more volume, she used a pointy comb and took small sections of the hair. She then took a curling iron and pressed it against the roots, pulling the hair just slightly on the other side and then put it back down, to really make a difference.

how to diy your hair topper 4

Once this was done, it was time to put the hair topper on.

Here's the tutorial:

A. Make sure your bio hair is parted where you want it. Kali prefers to part it down the side. Because she added an extra clip underneath her parting, she needed to move her own hair to the center as the below photo shows:

how to diy your hair topper 5

This was so the extra clip could clip onto more hair.
B. Make sure all clips are open.
C. Put the topper where it lines up with your own part.

how to diy your hair topper 6

And then clip in the four clips until attached. A good tip is undo them and adjust them a little bit, to get the topper in a good position before you're all done. Once your topper is on, take your pointy comb again and use it to brush and blend into your own hair. This is to blend your own hair with the topper to make it more natural.

The last thing to do to make the topper look natural is to use an eye shadow brush and apply a little bit of eye shadow powder that matches the topper hair color. Dab gently around the part of the hair. This is to make thinning hair in the front look fuller to match with the topper density.

Ta da! Here is Kali's final look from following these steps!

how to diy your hair topper 7

So, these are all the tips from Kali. Do you agree with her? Comment below and offer us your suggestions!


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