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May 16, 2024 Hair Topper 101 Views: 164

Blonde hair is always in fashionable, and in 2024, the hues are even more striking than before. There’s a blonde for every type of personality and taste, ranging from traditional golden tones to edgy ashy tones. With its best-selling blonde tints that are generating buzz and drawing attention, UniWigs has perfectly encapsulated modern chic this year. Let’s explore four striking UniWigs blonde hair toppers that are leading the way in hair fashion this year.

Cali Blonde – 660R
Silver Ash Blonde, represented by UniWigs’ 660R, is the quintessence of sophistication and edge. This shade combines the icy coolness of silver with subtle hints of blonde, creating a mesmerizing metallic finish that complements fair to medium skin tones beautifully. It’s perfect for those looking to make a bold statement while maintaining an air of elegance. Whether styled in soft waves or sleek straight cuts, Silver Ash Blonde brings a futuristic vibe to traditional blonde.


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Creamy Ice – H10R
In 2024, H10R is the hue to choose if you want a warmer, more natural look. This gorgeous blend emulates the hand-painted balayage process with rich roots that fade into a luxurious honey blonde. Because it’s perfect for giving your hair dimension and warmth, it’s a popular option for any season. H10R looks good on a variety of complexion tones, but it looks especially good on people with warmer undertones. Its adaptability to both formal and casual ensembles guarantees its spot among the year’s biggest trends.


Light Permafrost – 672R

Pewter Blonde, or 672R in the UniWigs collection, is a unique shade that stands out for its cool, smoky undertones mixed with classic blonde. This color is an excellent choice for those who prefer a subtle yet distinctive look. The muted greyish tones offer a contemporary twist on the traditional blonde, making it suitable for innovative and style-conscious individuals. Pewter Blonde is particularly striking on cooler skin tones and adds a touch of avant-garde to any hairstyle.


Icy Blonde Melt - 674R
Introducing the Frosted Taupe Blonde, 674R, a new favorite for 2024. This shade combines beige and ash tones, creating a taupe-like effect that looks both fresh and refined. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to combine a hint of color with the classic appeal of blonde. The frosted finish gives a dimensional look that works beautifully with layered cuts and soft curls.


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Blonde hair continues to evolve, and the shades of 2024 are proof that there’s always a new way to wear this timeless color. UniWigs is at the forefront of these trends, offering high-quality blonde hair toppers for women in each of these popular shades. Whether you’re looking for a bold new look with Silver Ash Blonde, a natural radiance with Honey Balayage, or a cool, modern twist with Pewter Blonde, UniWigs has the perfect shade to help you express your style and personality.

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