Can I dye my UniWigs hair extensions?

April 19, 2021 Hair Extensions 101 Views: 2377

If you have a pair of UniWigs hair extensions and are wondering if you can change its hair color, first consider if your extensions are made from human hair or synthetic fiber. Human hair extensions can be dyed, while synthetic hair extensions cannot be.

Human hair extensions can be dyed to a darker shade, or if you want to make them lighter, the color can be lightened by up to #27 with the help of a professional hair colorist.

What is Remy human hair?

Remy human hair has the hair cuticle intact, and the hair is going in the same direction. Whether you're thinking about going for Indian hair, Malaysian hair, Chinese hair, or European hair, you want to make sure that the hair is Remy human hair.

As the cuticle is intact on Remy's human hair, Remy's hair does not tangle easily as the hair is protected by the cuticle. The cuticle to hair is like the skin to the body. It keeps the moisture in, it keeps it shiny and silky, and it keeps the hair moving and flattering.

To test if your hair extensions are Remy human hair, wet your hand, dip it in water, and go down the length of the hair to feel if it's smooth. If you dip your hand back in the water and go up with the hair, you will feel it's rough. This is what you want, to confirm that the hair is Remy human hair!

Ashley 20" 160g 7 Pieces Invisible Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

Tips for dyeing UniWigs human hair extensions:


1. Do test with a small piece of hair first
It is recommended to apply the color onto a few strands first, before dyeing the full set of hair extensions. This is a good way to avoid wasting a whole set of hair extensions if the color is not what you wanted.

2. Do wash before coloring
UniWigs hair extensions are conditioned to keep them soft and shiny when they are sent out, and so there will be a laminate coating on the hair. You'll need to wash the hair extensions before you color them so that they can easily absorb the new color. Be sure to rinse the hair really well, and wash with regular shampoo. Rinse the shampoo on the hair and make sure it's clean before dying.

3. Do choose a professional colorist
It is recommended to use a professional colorist who has experience coloring hair extensions. Please note that not all hair colorists can color hair extensions. Coloring wearable human hair pieces are totally different than dyeing our own hair.

4. Do choose lighter hair extensions to dye darker
Instead of purchasing a darker set of hair extensions to lighten the color, we recommend purchasing light-colored hair extensions and dyeing them darker. This way the hair is easier to dye and it's less damaging the hair.
If you were to lighten a dark hair extension set, you would have to bleach it to a very blonde shade, then possibly dye it, which reduces the lifespan of the extensions.
If your own hair has highlights, we suggest choosing a hair extension shade that matches your hair's lightest highlight color and then adding some lowlights onto your hair extension set.

5. Do choose semi-colored hair extensions
As we have our own UniWigs factory, we offer semi-colored hair extensions from shades #2 to #27. Semi-color extensions can easily be bleached lighter or dyed darker. We suggest choosing a similar color to your own hair. Compared to fully colored hair extensions, semi-colored hair is much more flexible and healthier.

6. To apply the color at both sides and in one direction
For effective coloring, saturate the hair with color all the way to the ends. When applying the color, start from the weft, and move downwards to the ends. You can pin the weft to a board, which will keep the hair from moving when coloring the hair. When you finish applying the color, let the process sit for half an hour.

7. Do regularly maintain and hydrate
Regular maintenance can extend the life of a car. This is the same with our hair. Deep condition your hair extensions weekly, or whenever you wash them. Use nourishing and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners for dry or frizzy hair that incorporates a special oil like coconut oil or argan oil.

Rebecca 14" 15g Single Piece Invisible Clip-in Human Hair Extension


1. Don't color it in bundles
You won't color the hair extensions evenly if you apply the color to the hair in bundles.

2. Don't use products with sulfates or alcohol
Hair products containing sulfates or alcohol will affect the hair, resulting in hair that is dry and frizzy.

Keratin I-Tip 18" 30g Natural Straight Human Hair Extensions
What can you do to synthetic hair?

Synthetic hair is not able to be colored. As synthetic hair does not have the natural pigments that real human hair does, regular hair dyes will not work on synthetic fiber.

However, UniWigs synthetic hair extensions that are made of heat-friendly fiber can be heat styled on low temperatures to change its style. Please note that any hair extensions made from polyester, acrylic, or Kanekalon can't take the heat.

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