We have launched the Ursula lace front wig for 2 days and got tons of advice about how to improve. Thank you for all your support! Some changes have been made to make her better.


by @caseyhodnett

"Ursula" because when I was younger, my favourite movie was The Little Mermaid. For some reason, some of my favourite characters were always the “villains” in Disney movies because I felt like they were always misunderstood and needed some love. I saw a side of them no one else saw! The colour of the wig really reminds me of Ursula because of the deep purple and that hint of grey! Ursula is the first thing I thought of when I saw the wig!

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    If there’s more light shade in the bottom, that would be better. Because it’s not that deep blue and a little bit light shade will make her more gentle.
  • trendy wigs new arrival


    It will be perfect if it’s a little bit more cool tone. Summer is so hot. It will be so cool if it’s a more fresh blue.
  • trendy wigs new arrival
  • trendy wigs new arrival

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