Nothing shows off all kinds green hair shades like this UniWigs Trendy new collection Magical Mermaid wig. Why should mermaids have all the fun? Because you are the swam freely sea creature in the deep blue and green sea. Go for Seafoam Green hair that fades out to a soft Mint green and see if you’re not ready to live a life under the sea.

Same as all other UniWigs Trendy Wigs, Magical Mermaid was made with heat-friendly synthetic fiber which makes it versatile to style with heating tools.13*3 Lace Front wig cap makes the hair line look more natural. To enhance your look, you can add a braid, curl it or flat iron it super straight.

trendy wigs new arrival


The LIMITED RELEASES of our UniWigs Trendy New Arrivals are totally unique, which means you JUST can find her from us! See the others we have now and peek what will come the next by clicking the link.

trendy wigs new arrival

A new product based on @mykie_'s pretty natural hair style by @guy_tang 💁The other day, someone sent me a pic of @mykie_ ,in which her hair is Vibrant Pastel Green and ask me if we can make it into a wig. After several times failed of color schemes…Here it is!! This soft Green blend wig,which we designed by using 4 different of green, was styled into layered natural curls! Who's live for this mixed green tone?

  • littlessgoreGlam 'n' Green would be the only fitting name for this!!! Love the colour
  • _konaaan_09Mint heaven ????
  • jessicaloretto_Medusa ????
  • epitomeofpettynessGreenTea because its beautiful and elegant yet bad af at the same time
  • epitomeofpettynessMatchaFest or Matcha because it reminds me of how really good matcha is!!!???????? and how good af this wig is!!!
  • qteeabbySo pretty
  • w.itchingSea Goddess/OceanTide because of the curls they remind me of an ocean tide
  • sad.sadoZombae
  • sylvan.elveIt’s perfect,but why black roots?why you do so much colors with black roots?why you don’t do the same colors without this black roots?
  • littlessgore@sad.sado omg yes!!!!
  • almetris_roseOmg I love this ????????
  • lonewolf.xoxTurquoise dream, or majestic waves
  • shea.mSea green tea or green tea ???? ????????
  • shea.mMed green ????
  • shea.mMint tea ???????????
  • sarastateofmindSea Witch!
  • jcameronnnAlgae Queen ????????????????????
  • shea.mTeal waves ????
  • kikistarplanetThat color omg!! You should call it after guytang
  • kikistarplanetGtwave lacefront wig
  • fxcking_unicorn_princessDragoness ????????
  • shea.mHell grun green
  • shea.mIndian Ocean
  • kelseymyrinaI actually like Green Bea. ????
  • shea.mEucalyptus ????
  • neasa1623That one spec of green????
  • shea.mLagoon breeze green or just Lagoon Breeze ????
  • shea.mJade ????
  • hcreger_17If it’s @mykie_ I’d call it Zombae! ????
  • hannuhmarie__@hcreger_17 I WAS THINKING THAT!!
  • jennalea__Zombae green / zombie green !!! Emerald. Gem. ????????????????
  • _.crystalmShego - from Kim Possible. This reminds me of a softer version of her
  • chantelleturner_Zombae!!!????????????
  • shea.mSea princess???????????? sea mermaid ????????
  • halzedPeridot!
  • warrior_kitten97Sea Goddess ???????????? or Zombae
  • erickaa_medinaGlam & Green
  • jennalea__Fresh mint
  • jennalea__Amazonite
  • tayler.k.hollowayGoddess of the sea
  • tayler.k.hollowaySea breeze
  • jennalea__Sea foam green
  • dadollitazIncredibly beautiful ????????????????????????????????
  • mikaylasinfinitelifeShould definitely name is zombae for @mykie_
  • ditcheryZombae ????
  • dairetwispZombae for the queen zombae @mykie_
  • zozozollaUrsula
  • festive.skeletonCall it zombae she'll be so happy
  • lindsay_sollohubZombae for sure
  • cupcakemonkeytacoSea breeze
  • snow.blackxZOMBAAAAEEEE!
  • katsfavcolorscalypso????????
  • adoseofpGreenbae
  • stereosi3Zombae hands down
  • teawithghostsMisty Marina ????????????
  • methisradOml zombae
  • samanthabeer_Esmeralda ????????????
  • thatdamndirtyhippieAmphitrite because she was the Goddess of the sea and wife of Poseidon.
  • lara_lunarisZombae, Glam‘n‘Green or Mykie!
  • maristopheleseSeafoam
  • struddasYesss
  • mslexi_simoneSelkie
  • v_aaroliljaYaaaaas
  • brxxkebMYKIE
  • melbunnZombae ????
  • mrscheeks218Ivy ?
  • christinen333Zombae!
  • eva_roberts16Zombea for sure!
  • ashleyporter86Siren
  • ghoulbinaZombae!! @mykie_ i love you ????
  • merran_.mua@mykie_
  • tiziana_lady_boleynBeautiful haiiiir
  • amanda.estradaSerpentina because the greens and black are common colors for reptiles and the slickest reptile is a snake or a serpent and so the name serpentina Is a play on serpent giving it a more feminine twist to the dark name.
  • lyssarenee_xx@mykie_ this is SO CUTE
  • talisarose_xx????????????????????????????
  • mentaltrillnezzAquata ????
  • nisaa_notmynameYou should totally call it 'Glambae' in honor of @mykie_ because she inspired the beautiful wig. I picked glam for her YouTube channel 'Glam & Gore.' And bae because of 'zombae'.
  • bretagnekreigerGreen with envy #uniwigstrendy
  • astridisobelName it "Mykie" or "Green Mykie" or "Zombae"
  • sweetxhearttDragon Tamer
  • deborahvdgeestJaaaa ????????????
  • deborahvdgeestI need this in my life
  • makeupemporium????????????????
  • jnc.cordero@mykie_
  • cheywearsfoamDragon’s Mane?
  • lizzeth_pachecoGreengy?
  • toxicpixiedustKie Green
  • jezi_friskeSlytherin's Beauty
  • jezi_friskeSlytherin's Serpent
  • matt.nails????????????????
  • queen_badassxxLove it
  • jabberwocky.jackalopeName it Medusa ???? or Lamia
  • visurantOBVIOUSLY it has to be “Mykie” @uniwigs ????????????
  • bitchcraftunitedMINT-TEA!
  • battykupkakeSea foam witch
  • laynaa_marieeName it Mykie!!
  • bleedingwitchLove it?
  • carbonkyleBaja blast
  • mrskaskalavichMykie!!!????????????
  • baaeebyWhen is this available ????
  • veronicaismyspiritanimalEden !!
  • mikylaisamonsterMinty Zombae
  • porcelaincosmeticsEllie (Emerald color + Mykie) ????????????????
  • atleticodemadrid1903@suusaana_
  • kdogg220Mykie Verde
  • bestabbyeverPoseidon Princess ????????
  • bat.175Inspired by the best!!! @mykie_ !!!
  • bat.175Just name the wig Mykie!!
  • bat.175Obviously should be Mykie
  • mack_et_la_mode@mykie_ YASSSSS the zombaes are growing
  • lauren_vee.muaTangie (Tang x Mykie)
  • michelle_mercy_562Can anyone tell me if they have fixed their product issues? I see nothing but complaints
  • onlyyykenzieeeZombae
  • claudiacookiejar_@georgiaacutajar
  • hannahgracemuaaYessss ????????????
  • kiana_elle@michelle_mercy_562 I just bought one during black Friday and I like it the only complaint I have is how terribly thick it is (I spent 5 hours thinning it out) but that's about it
  • michelle_mercy_562@kiana_elle it didn't smell or shed too much? Thank you btw very glad to hear some feedback
  • michelle_mercy_562@michelle_mercy_562 also how fast did it get to you?
  • kiana_elle@michelle_mercy_562 it didn't shed at all when brushed and I didn't smell anything and it got to me in like a week or less
  • hq_kayatteCall it Mykie ????
  • basketofberriesI bought one some months ago and it doesnt shed or smell.. and i dont remember how fast i got it but it was short enough for me not to notice
  • michelle_mercy_562@kiana_elle Thank you! Doin the Lord's work!
  • queerkohlMenthol
  • whitehairedchildCall her Mykie????????????
  • b3kkiiiDoes that not resemble mint chip ice cream?? Now I want some mint chip Talenti. ???????? "mint chip"
  • the_crueltyfree_unicornCall her MerMYKIE @mykie_ @uniwigs
  • b3kkiiiMaybe not the best name...but Deffo resembles a mint choco chip ice cream . ????
  • rosienutsIf she's not associated with it, I wouldn't call it "mykie" or "zombae". But maybe "mint sundaee"
  • __italian.aphrodite__Medusa ????????
  • houseshelbyCall her Ripley! That's Mykie's dog's name
  • aliamouseMint condition
  • theterrormask_Forest fantasy! Because when I saw this all I could think of was walking through the forest and taking in all of the beauty that the world has to offer. It's truly breathtaking.
  • m1chaelachinMykielime pie
  • misshustle07@mykie_
  • optimuspruimzombae
  • superhair0Love green hair. More people should get on board!
  • donnaxmoore@jasminelynn20 need :(
  • kpuff_@todd_eliason my new life goal is to have hair so fine they make a wig out of it (also buy me this wig)
  • c_f01kI’m feeling Zombae or Mykie
  • shae_rieMinty Mykie and the Zombaes
  • illicitbehaviourNEEEEDDDDD ????????????????????????????
  • shelbydepp@mykie_ WOAH
  • witchylooksI lov mykie MINT
  • daydream_cosplayPretty sure @guy_tang and @mykie_ came up with the name, Steel Mint when they did this look
  • sydmhermanEmerald Coral. This beauty reminds me of snorkeling in the Bahamas and looking at all the beautiful of the underwater landscape !
  • cinaminimonstaI LOVE IT!
  • killjoygirl4Ripley!!!
  • levitaoctaviaAlienation
  • quirkster89I say call it Minty Mykie
  • ocho.momoMenta-llic! Looks a bit metallic, and it's mint colored! Such a pretty wigg
  • carolineburgenZombae!
  • paula.puenteDandelion green
  • angel_of_dorknessZombae
  • knic.kersNever thought I needed a wig until now ????????????
  • liz_witkowski1214Pistachio dream @uniwigs
  • brittanyxlynMint Mykie, Minted Stone, Stoned Jade
  • brittanyxlynOcean Air
  • ralmainSirens tears
  • multi.ryuko^^ Sirens tears
  • lovejessicaleeLOVE
  • nerdasmicMinty Mykie!!
  • akuhlem@mykie_ ?????????
  • lunarbabydollieCall it zombae
  • miiirandamarieglam gorey green
  • riffraff90Clone Since you cloned her hair!
  • evelyn.seveeya.hairSeafoam
  • gypsy.legsMedusa
  • jodi_wv22Minty Zombae
  • photojenica@lessielarz_ ommmgggg
  • photojenicaGlam N Guy! Paying tribute to both @mykie_ and @guy_tang!
  • photojenicaOr Green Queen
  • jessicaterringtonI think it should be called Zombae, that’s what she calls her fans so it would be a sweet gesture towards her
  • littlerubydayMYKIE
  • eternalvernalayyy Vernal , for all things green ;)
  • chelsea_lyonsMint condition
  • misskimbeautyyYaszzz!
  • essence_love513@intricacyy I need this in my life
  • baileydimassomykie????????????????
  • lady_geek_makeupMinty breeze
  • lady_geek_makeupCool breeze
  • lady_geek_makeupGreen sea
  • jordy._.c????
  • lovingaliyah14Green goddess
  • ami_lorrainetidal waves ????????
  • elifcangurocakcongrats, this looks the same????????????
  • shimmerinoReminds me of jade from victorious hahaha
  • faleashamyersI'd just call it "Mykie"!!!
  • feya_ealainI would like, if it's called "Mykie" too!
  • feya_ealain@jessicaterrington this is also a nice idea !
  • littlessgoreI just want this wig on sale now!! #ineedthisinmylife
  • eminaslan709Naptin sen oyle
  • forty_five_cloudsSteel mint would be cool
  • queenbeeroyalsCall it the zombaes
  • queenbeeroyalsZombaes they are green plus that what she calls her audience so yea it fights
  • iwachansarmsSea mermaid? Matcha/ matcha tea (cos it's green tea lol)
  • lawlgabsOh god I neeeed this
  • szcamy@edilaine.ribeiro.104 ?????
  • samanthassnaps_Matcha mykie
  • scpegoatZOMBAE GREEN ????
  • satansxdaughter666Ciuuute af
  • not_your_puddinwould you ever consider doing this exact design in aqua/ turquoise?
  • dark.eyes.despiseSeafoam star
  • crashhmyparty_Green with envy ????????????????????????
  • strawberrie.expressMermaid locks
  • darksienZombae!
  • lizmossofficialsiren song THIS ONE I NEED
  • mac.dadyyZombae
  • beffnehxoThe zombae
  • nyevalGlamore
  • anarafaelaerthalSeventh Sea, Aurora Borealis ????
  • fury_rose@missjaynawilson
  • rhea_dermondLove ?? this color so much!
  • _oldhag_Mary J
  • oblivionsxname it zombae!
  • pnprsSea salt
  • sdskids_styleMermaid,Lemon,Peppermint,Anaconda
  • sdskids_styleHulk,Fiona,Shrek
  • deathcorefotzZombea ?
  • unlimitedraisinsssWhy not just call it Mykie?
  • uniwigs@sammyb238 what’s wrong with our wigs? Would you mind provide me your order number at first? Thank you !????????
  • theredheadedwenchSea Queen
  • thomasrachelBeautiful!
  • butterflyselfieMedusa ????????
  • natalieuva_Sea witch ????
  • red_weiweiuau Perfect
  • lizz.lbbhMykie is the best????????
  • instagremmeQueen of Snakes ????????
  • bat.175Mykie!!
  • bat.175Or zombae
  • skyl4rrrPosieden
  • viciouskiddI totally vote Mykie or Zombae
  • viciouskidd@sammyb238 the kind thing to do would be to message the page or click on the "Contact us" section of the uniwigs website. This is slander dear, you're bashing their product.
  • countess.hecateUnderwater~
  • countess.hecateRiver Witch
  • arielthemermaid31Zobae of course! ????????
  • sammeh533Want so bad
  • bat.175Mykieeee
  • aycelanZombae!!!

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