2018 UniWigs Trendy Summer Collection Vote

It's that time of the year when we want to rejoice in the sun and look forward to the summer. And to add a bit more drama, why not recreate the wonderful wigs that made this campaign so special for us.

If there were only 2 types of Trendy Wigs released as our new collection, which 2 of the 4 wigs would you guys like to see make the cut? The 5 most creative responses will win 2000 loyalty points (=$20) towards the purchase of our Summer New Collection.

Write your response below: It should include the wig you voted for and the reasons behind it.

This vote will only be valid today (5.17 EST.)!

The 5 most creative responses will
win 2000 loyalty points


2018 UniWigs Trendy Summer Collection VOTE



2018 UniWigs Trendy Summer Collection VOTE



2018 UniWigs Trendy Summer Collection VOTE



2018 UniWigs Trendy Summer Collection VOTE


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  • Princessmei:
    Number 1, Winter Sky. I love that there are options for people who can't dye there hair cause of school rules but still can experience the joy of different hair colours and lengths !!
  • wilhic:
    #2 I would call it mystic fairy touch. It's hard to put hair decoration in your hair by yourself and it looks like hair for real fairys. You can also wear it with summerdresses. That would look great in pictures!
  • kellioter:
    #3, because the colors are perfect for summer and are really different from other wigs I've seen lately, I'd name it "honeysuckle" because here in Kentucky we have honeysuckles that are almost the same colors. They're beautiful and sweet. 
  • saanthaeer_:
    #2 is my favorite wig of these three wigs. The pops of floral are absolutely mesmerizing. I would name this wig "Fleur" after the beautiful French term for "flower" and my love for the sophisticated and enamoring language.
  • Kdabe:
    1# Angelite - the crystal of the same kind of colour
  • pyrtoloy:
    #1 - Lapis , and I want it because it reminds me of summertime, a breath of fresh air, the warmth on my skin and the sky so blue :)
  • rubien:
    4 beautifully broken - the color is cloudy and grey but so beautiful
  • Kelly_10:
    4 Achara - "means an angel who is very beautiful" this wig has a a lot of detail also graceful and reminds me of a ancient goddes
  • Amysheldon:
    #1 Crazy Lace Agate * means Protection from Evil Eye, Decision-making, Focus. The wig may have that grey dark color but it protects from the bad because it's beautiful and sodr
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