Your True Skin Alternative Hair - UniWigs Aura Human Hair Topper

February 25, 2021 News Views: 2077

Ta da! We have something NEW for you! UniWigs have recently launched a skin human hair topper named Aura, which gives you a natural scalp look on the top of your head!

skin hair topper

Let's get a quick view of her special features:

full coverage base size

1. 7.5"x 7.5" full coverage base size

Ideal for those in the progressive and advanced stages of hair loss, Aura has a large 7.5"x 7.5" base size which can provide you with ample coverage and volume.

Different from other UniWigs hair toppers, Aura features a skin middle part with a fabric back. The hand-injected skin part area is 1.5" in width and 4" in length, for a natural middle part. The skin material has had the hair carefully hand-injected into it to mimic real hair growth for an overall natural look.

No Hair Return

2. No Hair Return

Unlike other hand-tied UniWigs human hair toppers, Aura features no hair return! There is no short hair around the crown due to the way Aura has been specially hand-tied.

3. 100% human hair

Made from 100% human hair, Aura can be freely styled with heat styling tools into any hairstyle you desire.

4. 110% low density

Aura possesses a 110% low hair density, which means that Aura is lightweight, and puts less pressure on your scalp. Aura is comfortable to wear as there is less hair to clip.

Your hair can be an extension of you. When you start losing hair, it can feel like you are losing a piece of yourself. But there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed of your hair. If you're seeking an affordable and good-quality hair topper with a large base size, Aura is a compelling choice.


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