Wigs For Warm Skin Tones

February 02, 2019 How tos and Tips Views: 14868

To choose a wig for a warm skin tone, first you need to know what's a warm skin tone is and how to find your skin tone.
There are 3 kinds of skin tones and they are warm, cool and neutral. Knowing your skin tone is crucial for choosing the right color especially when you buy a wig. Today's journey we will lead you to choose a hair color which will be most flattering for you.

cool and warm skin tones

Check the color of the veins inside your wrist
If you look at them, your veins might appear blue or purple, and if they do, that means you are cool tone. If they appear kind of greenish, you are more on the warm tone side. For people who have neutral kind of undertones, they will have a really difficult time kind of discerning between the two. If yours are green or blue and not easily to tell whether it is a combination of both colors, you are neutral people.

Check the color of the veins inside your wrist

Burn Test
Think about how your skin reacts to the sun normally. Do you tan easily or get burnt in summer? There is melanin in your skin and it determines how your skin reacts to the sunshine and this can help you decide your skin tone.
If you tan easily and don't burn, which means you have more melanin, you most likely have a warm or neutral skin tone. If you burn and don't tan at all or only tan a little bit, you have a cool skin tone.

How to choose a hair color if you are a warm skin tone?
It is always a safe choice to choose a close color with your bio hair and it is also good to adopt a new hair color which is two shades lighter or darker than your own hair color. What if you want a totally different look and what hair color should be picked and it will be flattering your warm skin tone?

blonde wigs

1. Choose the Right Shade of Blonde
Can I choose blonde shade? The answer is yes. Blonde hair color always looks nice on lighter skin, but if you choose the right shade of blonde, you will look great too. For a warm skin tone, you can try warm shades like ashy blonde.

brown long wigs

2. Play Around with Brown
Brown hair can look great with any skin tone and it is comparatively easier to get the right shade of brown.
Warm skin tone can go with cool brown or rich browns.

red wigs

3. Stand Out from the Crowd with a red hair
Warm skin tones also look great with dark auburn shades, no matter if your complexion is light, medium, or deep.

Have you decided on the color?


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