Upgrade Aura Hair Topper Review: The Perfect Budget-Friendly Option

January 04, 2024 Hair Topper 101 Views: 560

A few years back, Lacie ventured into the world of hair toppers by adding UniWigs’ Aura hair topper to her collection. This particular human hair topper has received high praise for its affordability and quality. In this blog, she is excited to present to you the latest addition to UniWigs’ collection: the upgrade Aura hair topper. Can’t wait to share all the amazing features and benefits of this new product with you!

The Upgrade Aura Hair Topper’s Features and Transformation

The newly upgraded Aura Hair Topper showcases significant enhancements compared to its predecessor. The cap now sports a flexible parting area, a boon for versatile styling. Unlike the former version, this upgraded topper boasts a 4x5-inch parting space, enabling diverse styles effortlessly. The cap, sized at 7.5’’ x 7.5’’, strikes a balance between medium and large, offering comfort without weightiness. Its skin top, lighter than a regular silk top, ensures a sleek appearance.

The Texture and Density Unveiled

This topper also has a characteristic: after washing, the hair becomes slightly softer and wavier. This transformation occurs due to its Burmese human hair construction. However, if this texture isn’t to your liking, you can contact our customer service to opt for straight hair, priced accordingly. Meanwhile, we also offer various options for straight hair, including Amelia with bangsClaireUpgrade Claire PlusKayleeAmberMelanieBob MelanieKinsley, and Aida.
At 110% density, it provides a lighter feel, ideal for those preferring less overall hair volume.

Color Palette and Price Point Analysis

While limited color options exist—truffle brown being the lightest—the affordability of this piece is commendable. Priced under $500, it’s a longer-length alternative, making it a budget-friendly gem. However, compared to the silk base hair toppers, this skin base topper has less durability.

In summary, the upgraded Aura Hair Topper by UniWigs stands out for its versatility and affordability. Its standout features, like the adaptable parting area and pre-cut layers, enhance its overall value. This cost-effective option caters to those seeking a sleek, lightweight topper. Discover the complete comparison between the upgraded Aura and the original Aura in the video below. If you’re stepping into the world of hair toppers, seize the chance to enjoy a superb discount in our New Year sale!


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