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January 07, 2022 Hair Extensions 101 Views: 1332

Hair extensions are often a true confidence boost for anyone who has fine hair and may assist you to make hairstyles that you simply didn't think you'll achieve. They're the simplest thanks to add some extra length and thickness while being the smallest amount damaging hair extension method, which is ideal for finer hair types. Before you dive in and check out out your first set there are a couple of tips and tricks worth knowing when it involves buying hair extensions for skinny hair. From choosing the simplest set to clipping them in and styling them, we have got you covered…

Which set should you go for?

There are three kinds of hair extension sets that would work really well with thin hair, medium hair and thick or short blunt hair. The first type is the Audrey and Abigale Sets which has fabric wefts, these lay flat to your head, are lightweight and really easy to conceal. A lot of our customers with thin hair prefer these as they assist to feature many thickness through the lengths and ends without being too bulky at the roots. Our Regular Set, which is our lightest set, is another option. It's made with stitched wefts and has four 1 clip wefts to feature more thickness around your face while being easier to cover . Alternatively, if you're just trying to find thickness and not length then our thicker weft is ideal for adding some extra volume to your strands.

How do you clip hair extensions into thin hair?

How you clip in your hair extensions is basically important especially if you've got fine hair as you would like them to seem as natural as possible. Our first tip is to softly tease your roots to offer the clips something to carry onto. Alternatively, you'll use some dry shampoo to feature extra texture and grip at your roots while creating more volume. The next tip isn't to clip any of the wefts above eyebrow level or ear level if your hair is basically fine. You need to form sure that you're leaving enough hair to hide the highest of the wefts so if your natural hair is on the thinner side then you'll definitely want to clip them lower down.

How to make hair extensions look natural for people with thin hair?

A really helpful tip is that you don't have to use all of the wefts in your hair extension set. If your hair is ok then you'll only need 3-4 wefts to feature a natural amount of thickness. Sometimes adding an excessive amount of hair are often bulky as compared to your roots and may look unnatural as compared . That's why it's so important to undertake out different combinations and therefore the number of wefts to ascertain what works for you. Another tip is to ask your stylist to feather the ends of your hair extensions to require out a number of the load through the lengths. This will help to form them look less bulky in order that you'll achieve a more natural finish.

How to style hair extensions for thin hair?

We strongly advise curling your hair to add as much volume as possible to your finished look.Straightening it'll only make your thin hair look thinner which could also make the wefts harder to hide .


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