Try these lace front wigs to become Bratz Doll in summer

June 21, 2022 Fashion & Beauty Views: 3040

When summer comes, are you as dull and y as I am and always have no idea what hairstyles you should try?

Well, how about trying the lace front wigs? They have the natural hairline and hair parting and are so easy to style for different styles!

Also, great summer hair never needs too complicated shapes and bright colors, so maybe you can take some inspiration from the Bratz Doll's hairstyle. Today I'm going to recommend three everyday but stylish lace front wigs that will help you feel more confident and energetic in the summer.

When chocolate brown meets wavy hair, this is a totally classic spice girl look! As you can see from this whole look of Bratz Doll, dark brown and tanned skin can blend together perfectly, and when paired with a sexy slip dress, it is absolutely stunning. If you want to make a little change to this dark brown, you will definitely love our "Chocolate Dream" lace wig with a subtle brunette balayage. Also, there are different tones of brown combined together in this warm brown blend that looks just like human hair.

You don't even need to spend too much time every day styling this wig because its wavy hair texture and signature cut with soft layering at the ends are gorgeous enough to make you the center of attention!


Black hair has always been a symbol of maturity and mystery, and those brunette beauties in movies are always fresh in our memory. This Bratz Doll looks like a noble queen, and her black straight hair radiates a powerful aura from head to toe. Black hair can be worn on any skin tone and is perfect for any outfit, making you look classy and low-key at the same time. So, how about trying our "Black Pearl" lace front wig to change your style? Also, this black silky hair can be parted anywhere due to its lace front cap.


If you are not interested in dark hair, maybe this blonde straight hair is perfect for you!There's nothing like blond hair to turn you into a cute, stylish sugar baby who people find attractive.

Also, this blonde straight hair will be suitable for some chic girls who also love the Y2K aesthetic and fashion! When I see this look from Bratz Doll, it reminds me of all those gorgeous, fashion-forward high school girls. Pair your silky blonde hair with a cute denim skirt and halter, and you'll be a total superstar. Our "Blondie" lace front wig will definitely make you a Y2K beauty and bring an element of fun to your overall look.


Do you like these hairstyles? If not, that’s OK! Apart from these, there are a variety of lace front wigs on our website with different styles, colors, lengths, etc. I am pretty sure you will find the perfect one for you and make it become a part of your summer look!

Find more in our Lace Front Wig Collection!


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