The Best Wigs for Different Shaped Faces

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It is very important to know your own face shape before having a haircut or choosing a wig, especially for the first time.

Well, how to figure out what face shape you are? It is pretty simple. Stand in front of a mirror, put your hair all backwards and show your face totally. Look at your face and find out where the widest part is. Is it your cheekbones, or your forehead, or elsewhere? Draw an imaginary line around the edge of your face, and see which shape is it? Check our chart below to figure out which face shape is yours from diamond, heart, oval, pear, round, and square.

Different Shaped Faces

After knowing your face shape, lets see which style of a wig fit which face shape the best. One thing to remember when choosing a wig is that wigs should compliment the shape of your face.

Heart Face Shape

Heart Face Shape
People having a heart shape face have a narrow chin and a wider forehead. To compliment the narrow chin and disguise the width of the forehead, the wig should add volume at the chin area and in this way it makes the chin look wider and balanced with the rest of your face. A bob hair style or chin length layered styles will work great for this type of face shape.

Round Face Shape

Round Face Shape
Round faces are featured by a round hairline and fullness above the chin. A long hair style will compliment the round face and make it look narrower. For a wig, you should avoid adding volume at the ears but at the crown. Off center parts will always look good on a round face shape.

Square Face Shape

Square Face Shape
Square face shape is characterized by a square jawline and hairline. When you choose wigs, you should choose those that can add height to the top and narrowness at the ears creating an illusion of facial length. Curly wigs of hair around the face will compliment for the square face and will help ease the square shape of your face.

Pear Face Shape

Pear Face Shape
Pear Face Shape is characterized by a rather narrow forehead and a comparatively large and full jaw line. It is better to choose wigs adding hair volume at the forehead and the crown area.

Diamond Face Shape

Diamond Face Shape
A diamond shaped face has wide cheekbones and a narrow chin and forehead. Actually a lot of hair styles work well for a diamond face shape. The hair should add fullness to the forehead and the chin and the hair at the ears should be styled close to the head. Popular styles for a diamond shaped face are bobs or bangs to cover the narrow forehead.

Oval Face Shape

Oval Face Shape
The Oval shaped face is the most balanced face shape and there is no one area is more dominant than another. With an oval face shape, you can wear any styles, lengths, textures of any wigs.

Now do you have an idea of how to choose your best fit wig style to compliment your own face shape? Still need help? Feel free to contact us through [email protected] and we will help you find the perfect fit wig!

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