The BEST Cover-up for Alopecia Areata - UniWigs Hair Patches

September 01, 2022 Hair Topper 101 Views: 4274

Hello, my name is Sarah, and today I'm going to do a little review on a new product from UniWigs. It's their new hair patches.

This product is super great for people with Alopecia Areata like myself, whose hair will just kind of fall out in random unpredictable areas as you can see. I try to cover them up, but the front's a lot harder to cover, so I'm going to show you today how I went ahead and did both spots.

UniWigs Hair Patches

1#. Get the exact shape of the bald spots.

UniWigs Hair Patches review

2#. Cut out the size of your bald spot.

If you order UniWigs hair patches, they will come with a transparent film and this would be your template for putting on the hair patch. So after I cut this out, we went ahead and traced it onto the hair patch, and then, once it's traced, you're going to separate the hair as best as you can and cut along the traced lines. We did the same thing with the double-sided wig tape.

3#. We're ready to apply.

I had my friend help me and then you're going to apply it exactly the size with double-sided tape right onto your bald spot and gently press to apply it, so it's pretty easy. It goes right on and then you're ready to go. So here is me with the first patch On one side, you can see that it just blends right into my hair and it looks super natural and you can't tell.

Here is the after photo after applying the hair patches:

UniWigs Hair Patches online

Next, you go ahead and do the same thing with the tape and apply the tape to the back of the next one, and then just go ahead and pop it in place.
Being on the hairline is a little bit more difficult. You want to get it back far enough so that it blends into your hairline. I've got two in right now. This whole part was bald. It's like so insane.

So you want to put them in the direction that your hair lays. That's why this one wants to come back that way. My normal hair part is over here like You can see if it's windy.

If it's blowing around; if I put it back, you can't tell at all before this entire side was bald. I think this is really exciting for me actually because I don't have to do anything or like put on a topper every day. I can just leave these on and I curled them to kind of blend into my normal hair. You can do whatever you want with them. I'm excited to actually be able to put my hair up in a ponytail. So pretty cool, guys you should check them out at UniWigs.

If you want to check the how-to apply video, feel free to watch:


Maxie Sanders

  • 2022-09-02 02:14:56

I am a 88 year old female and need a 13"×4" gray human hair toppers.12" long hair. Can you help me?

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