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It's so easy to play with your wigs in your house. Order a few of them even get them on, get in front of the mirror and just assess how they look. Even if you start feeling okay in them, it's another thing to open that door and walk on out into the big bad world with your new hair. And we are here to tell you if you really feel good in that wig, whether you go to work or whether you're just hanging out with your besties.

Pastel Pink Long Loose Curl Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Step No.1 before you can go out into the big bad world you're gonna have to feel good in that wig. Confidence is the only thing that you need to pull off any wig out there! You got to feel good in your wig.

There are lots of different options for you, but when you figure out the next thing is how am I going to get this wig to look great! Put it over the top, get it to look even more realistic! You could use fill-in powders, it will help to give your hairline strength and it's gonna create this shadowy look. It's still gonna look great if the wind blows.

Don't be afraid of using hair products. Many people say "product is ruining my wigs". No, it is not absolutely! If you're wearing synthetic fibers, then yes! Get products out there for synthetic fibers. Doing those things will make it feel like more of a part of you and you have to be convinced of how it looks and how good it looks on you. Because if you are not convinced before you go out that door, nobody else is gonna be either! It's all about confidence! The best way to do it is not to hide it and to try not to feel like you need to make it easier on everyone else, because then it makes it easier on you. You need to twist that around and make it fun for you.

Curly Wrap around Synthetic Ponytail Extension

We recommend letting the people that you work with know you because you don't want them all to be shocked when you come in with beautiful hair. You could have different styles and maybe different colors. You could just be pumped up and excited about it! And this is going to make your journey so much easier because you have decided to spin this in your life, you have decided not to let it get you down.

Never stop trying new things. Never stop trying new wig features, never stop trying new ways to secure your wig. Because you're never gonna know what each one could feel like until you start experimenting.

View larger 24-28R Sunflower Blonde  24-28R Sunflower Blonde 24-28R Sunflower Blonde 24-28R Sunflower Blonde 24-28R Sunflower Blonde 24-28R Sunflower Blonde 12-26R Smokey sand 12-26R Smokey sand 12-26R Smokey sand 8-135R Caramel Kiss 8-135R Caramel Kiss 8-135R Caramel Kiss 8-135R Caramel Kiss 8-135R Caramel Kiss 8-135R Caramel Kiss Holly Lace Part Synthetic Wig | Left Part |Lace Front Holly Lace Part Synthetic Wig | Left Part |Lace Front Holly Lace Part Synthetic Wig | Left Part |Lace Front  Print Holly Lace Part Heat-Friendly Synthetic Wig

Step No.2 requires a drive-through!
You do not have to get out of your car. All you had to do was look at the person, get whatever it is, and off you go. Whether it's Starbucks or the bank drive-through. You're going to be checking back in. Just wait!

Long Darkest Brown with Blonde Chuncky Highlight Synthetic Lace Front Wig with Bangs

Step No.3 is to go do something that requires you to go inside the building, but you don't have to say hi to anyone. You don't have to talk to people. Just go in and come out. These are things you're gonna do on your days off for your very first week outings.

Wavy Mono Top Synthetic Hair Topper

Step No.4 is going to be where you are actually going to.
Go grocery shopping with your wigs on, and you're probably gonna be there for forty minutes in the grocery store. Just have fun and do your thing and feel good. It's all about how you carry yourself. How you carry yourself is so important. Nobody is looking at you and nobody is trying to figure out if you have fake hair on.

Walkthrough that door for the first time with hair on your head. You've been to the post office, you've been grocery shopping and you may have even gotten some good feedback from people. Be brave and let people know at work. Show up with that wig on. You're not gonna pretend that every day going to work with that wig or maybe a little bit different wig is gonna be easier right away.

Irene 32" Wrap around Synthetic Ponytail Extension

You're with that other person, maybe they're sitting across the desk from you and ask them, "what do you think about this one". That way the ice is broken, "what do you think about the color". That way you've started the conversation.

Make this happen within a week. That's the goal! Maybe every day does a step and there are four steps until you're ready to then announce it to your workplace, and let them know this is what's happening. Announce it to your family and your friends.

Guys, it is so fun being in a wig & topper wearers. You gonna have a great hair day every time you stick one of those on your head and it's fun. When you wanna have the dreamy hair like in the movie, maybe you could never have hair like that. "Oh wait a minute, I actually have a wig like that and I can have that hair."


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