New Wig Grip - Protect your scalp

September 13, 2020 News Views: 2099

If you are a wig wearer, you may be familiar with the different wig bases. Some wig bases can easily move around, especially if the wig is slightly too large for you, and you may experience what is commonly known as 'wig slippage'. If this situation occurs a wig grip will be able to help you solve this problem. UniWigs sells three different wig grips.

Velvet comfort adjustable lace wig grip headband

Velvet comfort adjustable lace wig grip headband

This velvet and lace wig grip features soft and comfortable velvet to protect the edge of your scalp. The lace in the middle allows a natural parting line to be seen under the wig. The size is adjustable, as this wig grip has Velcro placed at both ends. This one size fits all design fits a variety of head sizes from 18” to 24”. The revolutionary velvet and lace wig grip eliminates the need for clips, combs, tape, and glue.

Silicon Wig Grip Band

Silicon Wig Grip Band

This silicon wig grip band has little nodules on the top and bottom, on both sides of the band to provide excellent grip and to keep your wig secure. The silicone material is soft, comfortable, and thin to prevent bulkiness. The transparent color of the silicon is great for a natural hairline and parting line.

It's also one size fits all. The size fits head sizes from 18” all the way up to 23”.

Wig Grip Headband

Wig Grip Headband

UniWigs regular wig grip headband is a velvet wig grip with adjustable Velcro for the perfect fit. The full velvet material prevents headaches, as the velvet places a barrier between your scalp and the wig. This velvet wig grip is best for non-lace front wigs, as the opaque velvet would be able to be seen through a lace front wig.


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