New To Wigs? ---Wig Buyers' Guide

February 27, 2019

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New to wigs? Do you struggle when deciding on different styles, colors, lengths and cap constructions? Don't worry! Our Wig Buyers' Guide is here to help!

head size

1.Start with Head Size
For human hair wigs, there are 3 sizes and they are: Petite (21''), Average (22'') and Large (23''). The average size can fit 90%-95% of women wig wearers, considering most wigs have an adjustable strap in the back and it allows you tighten the wig cap half an inch smaller. However, measuring your cap size is a must before purchasing a wig.
Take a soft measuring tape and follow the below steps to measure the 5 numbers including Circumference, Front to Back, Side to Side across forehead, Side to Side over top and Nape of Neck.

Check our size banner to see which range your numbers fall in and you can know the wig size you are going to choose.

size banner

2.Choose the Right Color
It is always a safe choice to choose a color close to your bio hair and it is also good to adopt a new hair color which is two shades lighter or darker than your own hair color. But what if you want a totally different look, what hair color should be picked? Find your answer in the below detailed blog.

Cap Construction

3.Decide on the Cap Construction
There are pros and cons to each cap construction. Check the below chart for advantages for each kind of cap.

4.Choose the Length
From the below pictures, you can get a visual idea of how the different lengths look. Please kindly note that this is for straight hair. For hair with curls or waves, the appearance will look shorter than the same length of straight hair.

hair length

5.Get to Know How to Care
A human hair wig usually costs more, and they require correct maintenance and caring. Check the below link for detailed caring procedures and tips:

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