Mono Top Wigs VS Lace top Wigs

July 18, 2022 Human Hair Wigs 101 Views: 2715

No matter whether you are new to wigs or you have worn wigs a dozen times, the texture of the wig top is a key aspect you should take into consideration before choosing a suitable wig. In fact, different tops can affect many factors such as comfort level, firmness, stability, and so on. It is hard to tell which one is better because they have different advantages.

As two normal tops, mono top and lace top have been widely used in the wig and each of them is suitable for certain groups. So it is key to find a suitable top based on your own situation.

Mono Top

As a conventional wig cap, the mono top is featured as a glueless cap because you don’t need to use glue to secure it. Also, the mono top remains sheer, and smooth, and provides flexible movement and versatility in styling, which means it provided more opportunities for you to try more hairstyles. In terms of durability, a mono top has a longer lifespan than a lace top. Therefore, it also means it is less easy to be damaged and deformed for a long time.

Lace Top

One of the biggest advantages of the lace top is making the wig more natural. It can create the appearance of natural hair growth on both the scalp and at the hairline. The natural hairline will blend in with your skin perfectly and it seems like your real hair. In that way, you don’t need to worry that the wig looks fake when you wear it. In addition, it also remains lightweight, breathable, and very soft and can present entirely hand-tied hair and remarkable hair movement.

The summary of their difference

  • Natural: Lace Top > Mono Top
  • Durable: Mono Top > Lace Top
  • Breathable: Lace Top > Mono Top
  • Comfortable: Mono Top > Lace Top

Which one should you choose?

To be specific, if you're more interested in the natural texture of the hairline and don't think the wig is a necessity in your life. For example, you probably only wear it for certain important occasions or just want to change your style sometimes. Well, you can go with a lace top wig. If you're a long-term wig wearer and you're more concerned with the comfort level and durability of a wig, a mono top wig is definitely your best choice in many ways.

Actually, since these two tops have their own highlights, why not try each of them and find the suitable one to fit you? Well, there are two stunning human hair wigs with a mono top and lace top and they are both perfect for everyday wear and can add a touch of glam to your whole look!



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