How To Sew Clips into Your Hair Toppers -101

April 07, 2020 Hair Topper 101 Views: 5888

When we get a new hair topper, there may be some clips attached inside it. Sometimes, we may find ourselves wanting less or more clips depending on our preferences. If you would like more clips in your topper for extra security, you can sew some more inside the base. Other times, you may want to take out some clips and sew them into a different place that is more comfortable for your scalp.

Here's how you sew the clips into your hair topper:

Things you'll need:
- Pair of sharp Scissors
- Strong sewing needles
- Strong thread the same color as the clips
- Clips (we use 32mm wide long teeth clips)
- Thimble as necessary

Regular sewing steps:

Put the thread through the hole in the needle and move the thread through the needle to about half-way through. Make a knot at the end of the thread.

Find the position on the base where you want to add the clip. Make sure the clip teeth face towards the middle of the base. Begin to sew the clip into the base, going through one hole on one end of the clip. Sew two or three circles of thread through the hole for good measure.

Next, when you've finished one hole, pull the thread under the clip (or through the rubber), then sew the base up to the other clip hole and follow the same steps as the first clip hole.

When you finish all the holes, make a knot to secure.

There are different materials that we can sew clips on, and here are some difference ways.

Sewing on lace

The pores in the lace material is big. Making a knot on the lace is important. You don't have to tie the thread on the lace. Just use the needle go through the middle the strand of the thread, and then the knot is done and invisible.

Sewing on weft

Wefts have hair only on the machined places, so there's no hair in some areas. Make sure you position the clip you want to sew on the machined place where hair is so it will be more secure.

Sewing on PU

It's harder to sew clips on PU material, because it's very thick. The thimble will be much more helpful. When the needle goes through the PU, make sure the knot is between the clip and PU so it's undetectable. This would be better if you use the needle go through part of the PU but not penetrate it.

Keep some space between the clips. It's not easy to open or close clips when they are close together. Usually we recommend at least two inches in between two clips. Sewing clips into your hair topper is a great way to customize it and personalize it to suit you, we recommend giving it a try!


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