How to Measure My Head for a Perfect Wig?

October 09, 2018 How tos and Tips Views: 11155

These days, women do not need to worry about the hair loss due to medical treatment or natural hair loss, as they can match their hair loss with the hair wigs. Women could be able to find exciting and liberating collections of hair wigs to choose from. Even though you have many choices left to you, but still choosing the best hair wig matters a lot for your appearance. If not you choose the right hair wig that fits to your head, then people could easily find that you are wearing hair wigs.

The way your wig fits your head is more than important. A comfortable fit is necessary. In order to ease you finding the perfect hair wig, below I have explained some points that will assist you measure your head for choosing the right hair wig.

You need to use the clothe tape measure to measure your head. The important point is that, you should use the clothe tape that has not been extended for precision. We can do four types of head measurements, which include,

How to Measure My Head for a Perfect Wig

Forehead to Nape
You need to place the tape at the center front of your hairline to the hairline at the nape of your neck. If you have no hair or little hair, then you need to lay your index, ring and third finger flat against your forehead just above the brow bone. And now, you have to measure the length or inches from tape to tape.

You need to place the tape at the center front of your hairline and run the tape around, behind the ears passing your hairline at the nape of the neck and bring the tape again to the center front of your hairline. The measurement in this type will be like a circle.

Ear to Ear
You need to place the tape from your ear to ear on your head. You should not place the tape on the ear or touching the ear. Instead, you should place the tape at the top of your ear.

Temple to Temple
Place the tape at the temple and bring the tape measure around the back of your head to touch another temple.

Among these four measurements, you can choose the measurement that you find reliable for you. Based on the type of the head measurement you choose, you need to record your measurements. Now, you need to go through the size chart for wigs. Take for example, if you have chosen ear to ear measurement and your measurement is 11, then your wig size will be S. Likewise, you need to find the right wig size based on your head measurement.

For more accuracy in size selection, you should reckon your natural volume of your hair and body frame. You can find hair wigs come with a few adjustment features inside the wig cap. That is, the hair wigs can expand or contract up to 1 inch in circumference, ensuring maximum comfort to the users.


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