How to Dye A Human Hair Wig 2

March 30, 2019 Human Hair Wigs 101 Views: 5107

UniWigs human hair wigs are made of top quality real human hair and they offer you limitless styling possibilities. Other than curling, straightening and blow drying, you also can dye them any color you like. But how do we dye a human hair wig?

Water Coloring
The best and most suitable human hair wig color to dye is our 613-platinum blonde color. This color can be dyed very easily. The platinum blonde color might be a little yellow for some people. Don't worry. You can tone it to be whiter and ashier.
Fill a bucket or sink with some warm water and add some purple shampoo. Then dip the hair into the water and wash the hair with the purple shampoo. The hair will turn whiter and less brassy. You can keep doing this until you see the color you want.

How to Dye A Human Hair Wig

How to Dye A Human Hair Wig 1

Let it sit in the water for a little bit longer and then rinse it and let it air dry.
Check out how a round of purple shampoo washing can transform the hair! It is just Amazing!

How to Dye A Human Hair Wig

Dye it a Rainbow Color
These are the three colors we used, they are the pink, purple and blue hair dyes from L'Oreal color ISTA.

How to Dye A Human Hair Wig 4

We firstly started with the purple shade by pouring it into a mixing bowl. We used it straight out of the bottle because this shade looks great a little darker compared to the other shades.
Apply it to the roots and if you've never done a root color before the easiest way is to work your way in small sections. Section your hair into four strands and work on each strand one by one.

How to Dye A Human Hair Wig 5

How to Dye A Human Hair Wig 6

Next up is the pink dye. We put the pink dye into the bowl and mixed it with a little bit of conditioner to essentially lighten it up.

How to Dye A Human Hair Wig 7
How to Dye A Human Hair Wig 8
Start with the front of the hair by applying the pink mixture to the hair in sections. You really want to make sure that you work this color into the hair and that the hair is really saturated. Be sure to work the color to meet the purple roots to make sure it is a seamless blend of color.

How to Dye A Human Hair Wig 8

How to Dye A Human Hair Wig 9

Using the same method as the pink color, work the blue dye onto the remaining sections of blonde hair.

How to Dye A Human Hair Wig 10

How to Dye A Human Hair Wig 12

After the 3 colors have been applied, you will get the below look:

How to Dye A Human Hair Wig 13

Amazing, right? This is really something you can do at home. If you want to change up your hair color and don't want to cause any damage to your own hair, purchase one of our wigs and work your special color combination on it.



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