How to prepare & style your hair topper to look undetectable?

November 04, 2019 Hair Topper 101 Views: 8244

Hair toppers can be intimidating at first, and they may require some work before being placed directly on your head. In this video, we are going to guide you on how to prepare and style your hair topper to look the most undetectable.

1. Wash Your Hair Topper.

We recommend washing the topper to help with styling if you ordered a human hair topper. After you shampooed and conditioned the topper, remove the excess water with a towel.
Remember that always style the topper on a mannequin head, since this will prevent pulling which can cause hair loss.
Pin only through the clips instead of pinning throughout the base, as that can damage the topper base.

Brush the hair while it's wet. Apply a handful of heat-styling hair spray. Blow dry the hair until it is 80% dry. Use a round brush to smooth the hair and create extra volume.

2. Get It Professionally Trimmed.

Hair toppers should be professionally trimmed so that they blend in with your biological hair perfectly. Your topper might be a little longer than your bio hair, always ask the professional hair stylist to trim it for you. UniWigs hair toppers with bangs usually come in 4"–4.5," and we recommend asking your hair stylist to trim them to meet your needs.

3. Style Your Biological Hair.

Always pre-style your bio hair before you put the topper on. This is to ensure your hair has the same texture as the topper for a perfect blend.

4. Put The Topper On.

UniWigs offers both lace front toppers and non-lace front toppers. You may need to line up the topper in different places.
A lace front hair topper is an ideal option for women who are suffering from thinning hairline or receding hairline. When applying a lace front hair topper, make sure you cut the frontal lace before putting it on.

A. If you have a receding hairline and you don't have much hair around your hairline, try and place your topper right onto the edge of your hairline. In this way, your hair topper can create a hairline look in the front.

Gluing down the lace front topper is another great way to double secure your hair topper onto your head.

B. If you do have some strands of hair in your front hairline, clip your topper a little bit behind your hairline and let some of your biological hair peek out for a natural look.

Now you are ready to finish the styling to complete your look!


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