How to Apply 7-piece Clip-in Hair Extensions

April 15, 2021 Hair Extensions 101 Views: 8424

Wearing clip-in hair extensions is easy if you frequently wear hair extensions. But if it is your first time wearing hair extensions, you may have no idea how to apply them!

If you're looking for a guide on how to wear a 7-piece clip-in hair extension set, here are the simple steps.

Firstly, 7-piece weft sets include:
1 piece: 8" (4 clips)
1 piece: 7" (4 clips)
3 pieces: 6" (3 clips)
2 pieces: 4" (2 clips)


Step 1: Brush through your hair
Use a soft brush to brush through your own hair thoroughly and remove any tangles. Then, brush out your hair extensions.

Step 2: Get two 3-clip wefts ready
Now separate a section of hair at the nape of your neck with a comb, and twist or braid the bottom of your hair with a hair clip. There are two different ways you can apply the wefts.
Method 1: Stack the two 3-clip wefts and clip them together, brush through the 3-clip weft, then clip them as one into the roots of your hair.
Method 2: Clip one 3-clip weft into the roots of your hair, then separate with a layer of your natural hair on top of the clipped weft, and then clip into your roots.

Step 3: Get the smaller 4-clip weft ready
Separate a section of hair 1 inch above the first clip in the weft. The location should be aligned with your ears. Take the smaller 4-clip weft (7”) and brush it. Gently tease the roots of your hair with a comb, to create an area that the weft can be easily clipped.
Now clip the weft into your roots starting with the clips in the middle and following with the side clips. Align the weft, and make sure it clips in the middle. Stretch it as you clip it in, to make sure there are no bumps.


Step 4: Get the bigger 4-clip weft ready
Separate an inch of hair above the last weft you clipped in. Now take the big 4-clip weft (8”) and brush it. Measure it against your head to make sure it fits well before you clip it in. Clip the middle two clips, and then clip the two side clips.

Step 5: Get the second 3-clip weft ready
Separate a thin section of hair about an inch above the last weft you clipped in, brush it carefully, and measure to find the center of your head. Now clip the middle clip in the roots of your hair, and then the side clips.

Step 6: Get the first 2-clip weft ready
Now it's time to add volume to the sides of your hair. This will help to create a more seamless and natural look.
Separate a straight section of hair about two inches above your ear on one side, then take the 2-clip weft and brush it. Secure the clips to your roots.

Step 7: Get the second 2-clip weft ready
Repeat the previous step for the other side.


Now you have applied your 7-piece clip-in hair extension set! Have fun styling your hair and adding curls (optional!).

To apply a 10-piece hair extension set, click here.


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