How to Add Volume to Thin Hair with Halo Extensions

June 11, 2021 Hair Extensions 101 Views: 8122

Thin hair doesn't have to restrict your hairstyling options or prevent you from having your dream hair. Many of us with thin hair spend a lot of time blow drying and curling our hair, applying volumizing products, and using shampoos and conditioners that are meant to make our hair look thicker and fuller. And they do help a bit, but the only way to really look like we have more hair than we actually do is to have more hair.

This is where hair extensions come in handy. Clip-In extensions, as well as halo extensions, give us the hair we wish we were born with and make us feel like goddesses.

We've got all the insider info on how to use hair extensions to add volume to thin hair, including how to choose the right ones, how to apply them, and the best beauty advice to take your look from drab to fab.

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Adding Volume with a UniWigs Halo hair extension

Halo extensions use a flexible invisible wire (similar to a fishing wire) to add length and thickness without using clips. They're light, soft on the hair and scalp, non-abrasive, and simple to put on and take off.

There is no need for any attachments because the halo hairpiece is held in place by the weight of your own hair. There's also no need to clip in the clips on your halo extensions if you have a real halo design. Unless you're blending the hair professionally with layers or adding a middle layer using another hair extension, it is recommended to choose a halo extension in the same length of hair you already have. It's best to add no more than 4 inches to your natural length unless you're blending the hair professionally with layers or adding a middle layer with another hair extension.

Thinner hair, by the way, is the easiest to blend in with hair extensions! UniWigs halo extensions in the weights of 90 to 200 grams are ideal for adding volume to thin hair to keep it looking natural. Halo extensions ranging in the lengths of 14" to 18" have super thick ends for when you want that luxurious look.

Customer Review:
"I'm so impressed with these hair extensions. Because I'm experiencing some hair loss, I already have a few sets of hair extensions from other brands. Wearing hair extensions makes me feel confident, so I use hair extensions frequently. The hair quality is so good and I love them so much. Since I have received these hair extensions, I wear them every day. When I opened the box for the first time, I was surprised at how soft and thick the hair extensions were. I just said, "oh my god, this is amazing". I highly recommend UniWigs hair extensions". - Alexis

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Pro Styling Tips to Create Maximum Volume:

• Apply a volumizing dry shampoo to your hair ahead of time. This will help the extensions stay in place.
• To add volume and texture, use a product like Color Wow Style on Steroids. This lets the extensions grasp the hair without slipping and it secures them without back-combing.
• Curling your hair to add waves to it will make it look fuller and thicker than super straight styles.
If you have thin hair, that doesn't mean you can't have the gorgeous locks you want. We encourage you to contact us for assistance so that we can help you select the best extensions for you and your hair concerns. We will assist you!


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