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Whether on your nails, in your closet, or on your head, rich browns and deep burgundy are practically synonymous with fall. People usually want to go darker hair color in fall, adding dimension on balck hair or adding dark to blonde hair. Here we are gladly announcing that we are launching a new brown highlight hair topper in this fall, 8.5" X 9" Autumn mono part lace front human hair topper.

The Autumn is a clip in human hair hair topper that gives you seamless volume and coverage at the top & crown of the head. Autumn features a monofilament middle part measuring 2" x 4". It is ideal for adding volume, covering thinning top & crown, or concealing new growth between colors. It attaches with 5 pressure sensitive clips and comes in shoulder length.

Special Features of Autumn:

#1. 2" X 4" Mono Part
The hand-tied mono part area spans 2" in width and 4" in length, for a natural middle part. The reduction of the mono means a reduction in the cost, making it an affordable piece.

#2. 8.5" X 9" Full Coverage
Ideal for those in the progressive and advanced stages of hair loss, Courtney has a large 8.5" x 9" base size which can provide you with plenty of coverage and volume.

#3. Brunette Ombre color
Come in 218R- Dark Chocolate brown hair, which is a gorgeous choice for fall.

Brown highlights on black hair, this shade is easy to maintain and effortless like you've spent a day out in the sun, even if you've been stuck in an office all day. A delicate mixture of dark to light browns add texture and dimension to the dark hair, without overpowering your base color. These highlights look best when started at your eye line, so every time you move your head, a new shade will catch the light and keep everyone's eyes on you.

More new products are available online now, for more information about hair topper, please click


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