Hair Topper 101: Prevent Hair Shedding from your Hair Topper

May 24, 2021 Hair Topper 101 Views: 2777

Experiencing hair shedding from your hair topper can be an annoying, stressful, or even an embarrassing problem to encounter. Even though it is not very common for the hair to shed from your hair topper, some people may have a hard time preventing hair shedding if they have purchased a lower quality hair topper.

Higher quality hair toppers will provide longer lifespans as well as less hair shedding over a longer time. The best method to stop hair shedding from your hair topper is to learn why it happens and learn how to stop it.
Even the best quality hair toppers sometimes lose some hair. So, it is key to make sure that you are taking the best care of your hair topper in order to limit hair shedding.

Here we will go through what causes hair shedding in hair toppers and what you can do to prevent it from happening.

what causes hair shedding

Common Problems with Hair Toppers

Without meaning to, we can actually be causing damage to our hair toppers just by performing everyday routine tasks. Here are some of the daily actions that can cause damage to your hair topper.

Incorrect or Excessive Brushing

Although it is a good habit to brush your own bio hair regularly, it is not a good idea to brush your hair topper as frequently, as hair shedding from your topper can occur if you brush it too often.
It is also useful to use the correct brushes which are designed for alternative hair products. When the hair strands of your hair topper get tangled, it is best practice to brush the hair gently and carefully, starting from the ends first.

Ignoring Tangles & Neglecting Human Hair Topper Maintenance

If you find hair tangles in your hair topper, you should detangle the hair immediately! The longer you take to detangle your topper, the harder it becomes for you to get rid of the tangles.

Human Hair Topper Maintenance

Here are the following things that usually cause hair tangles:

1. Using hot or cold water to wash your hair topper
Using extreme temperatures on your topper can cause the moisture to be lost from the hair strands. So, we recommend using lukewarm water to wash your hair topper in order to prevent future hair tangles.

2. Friction
Friction caused by your hair topper rubbing against clothing, pillows, or anything else is a major culprit of hair tangles. This kind of friction leaves the cuticle of the human hair strand open, which then results in hair tangles. So, we recommend that you don't wear your hair topper to sleep or that you replace any cotton pillows with silk or satin material ones.
When you find that your hair topper has become tangled, you should detangle your hair topper immediately by gently using a wide-toothed comb.

3. Improper Washing of Your Hair Topper
Based on research and feedback from our customers, incorrect washing procedures are a major cause of hair shedding in hair toppers.
When you wash your hair topper, it is so important to avoid getting any hair conditioner on the hand-tied base area. Hair conditioner loosens the hand-tied knots and results in the hair strands slipping off from the base.
We also recommend using high-quality hair shampoos and conditioners designed for alternative hair products.

Hair Topper Repairs

4. Hair Topper Repairs
If you have noticed that there is a hole or a tear in the base of your hair topper, please don't panic! According to the base type of your hair topper and the extent of the damage, you can follow these steps to repair your hair topper so that it will get back its natural healthy look.

5. Hairpiece tape
Cover up torn areas of your topper with the extended wear high tack tape. We recommend the Walker Tape's Blue Lace Tape or the Max Adhesive Prodigy Tape for this.

6. Needle and thread
Tears can also be mended by being sewn up with a needle and transparent thread (or a thread in a similar color to your hair topper's strands). We recommend using simple overcast stitches during sewing and keeping the stitches small and close to the tear.


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