Essential Care Tips for Maintaining Your Synthetic Wig's Beauty

May 12, 2024 Synthetic Wigs 101 Views: 148

Still struggling to keep your synthetic wig looking great? This blog will share with you three detailed tips on how to care and maintain your synthetic wig‘s beauty. Wigs with the finest quality require only the simplest care! Let’s take a look at the specific details.

synthetic hair with good quality

First, when you receive your new synthetic wig, comb it carefully with your comb as soon as possible to keep it fluffy. Long-distance transportation may make your wig tangled, so it is necessary to comb and wash it in time before wearing it. If the wig is long, comb it from the bottom. Remember to keep your movements gentle. Then put the new wig on your head and use a comb to adjust the hairstyle for yourself, making the wig fit your skull shape. If you are in a hurry to go out after receiving the wig, you can use a hair dryer, set it to a low heat, blow it while using your hands to keep grasping the wig, and then turn to the cold wind function to set your wig’s shape, and finally use a comb to make it smooth.

detangle a synthetic wig

Second, necessary daily care will keep your synthetic wig soft and smooth all the time. You need to wash your wig regularly, not so often, about once or twice a week, using warm water and sulfate-free shampoo products to minimize damage to it and avoid getting unnaturally shiny. Water temperature can not exceed 40 degrees. After washing your wig, use some product such as hair oil or hair mask to prevent it from drying out and frizzing. Dry your wig promptly with a towel, never wring it out by hand or throw it in the washing machine to dry. This can cause irreversible damage to your wig. You can also use a hair dryer but remember to choose the cold air function and finish in a short time. Then comb the wig well until it regains its good condition. If you want to maintain your wig in good style, put it on a head mold after you wash it and leave it in a clean corner.

Ember synthetic lace front wig

Third, proper daily storage will extend the life of your wig. Make sure you dry your synthetic wig after washing it and never leave your wig unattended when it’s cold and wet. Storing your dry wig in a silk or satin bag can prevent dusting and can keep it moisturized. Wearing wigs is the current fashion trend, synthetic wigs are cheap and comfortable with curls more bouncy and vibrant, but they are not heat-resistant. And we don’t recommend you add hair extensions to your wig on a daily basis. Don’t expose your wig to straight sunlight too often. Also, applying some dry cleaning shampoo before going outside can make your wig look less shiny, only a natural and healthy wig can increase your personal charm. If you take good care of your wig, you can wear it for more than 6 months, saving a good amount of money.

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These steps are simple, but they need to be followed daily. These suggestions are tailored to the characteristics of our synthetic wigs, targeting a fast-paced urban life. When selecting hair care products for your wig, we recommend nourishing products. Since synthetic wigs are not real human hair, dryness can be a big problem and threat for them, and water loss can make the wigs brittle and prone to shedding and damage. Adequate care will also increase your wearing comfort, a soft wig will be more skin-friendly.

These small, easy-to-understand tips will allow you to enjoy your fabulous synthetic wig whenever you appreciate yourself in the mirror. In order to save your precious time, UniWigs keep improving the quality of our products to ensure that maintaining your beauty does not require any extra burden. Our synthetic wigs are voluminous, high-quality and not easily corroded by sweat, the good care you take with your wig will surely give you confidence and beauty every day!


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