Colors of UniWigs human hair you can choose from

2019-03-14 06:33:12

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There are so many colors on UniWigs Website, but sometimes it's little bit hard for us to decide if the color is match our own hair. It's important to understand the color construction and description.
We separate them into black, brown and blonde hair collection.

Black human hair

Black human hair Collection:
#1 -Jet Black, it's the darkest black, you can imagine it's the pitch black.
#1B- Off Black, It's darker black, a slight shade lighter than Jet Black.
Natural Black - It's natural growth black that can be bleached and dyed. It's lighter than Off Black, but darker than darkest brown. Because different people , the natural black would be little different, so there's a range for natural black color.

Brown human hair

Brown human hair Collection:
G2 - Dark Coffee Brown , it's dark coffee bean shade.
G4 - Medium Brown, rich chocolate brown.
G246 - Milk Chocolate, it's medium brown highlight with light brown.
6-8 - Pecan , Chestnut Brown blended with a little Lightest Brown.
10H24C - English Toffee, It's brown color that has Light Chestnut Brown highlighted with dark dirty Blonde.

Blonde human hair

Blonde human hair Collection:
8-12 - Toffee , it's a dark blonde color that contains Lightest Brown blended with a little Dark Blonde.
Y-411 - Honey Blonde, a very light gold blonde.
Y- 421 - Milky Blonde, a very light honey blonde.
Y-531 - Peach Powder, Strawberry Blonde with Ash Blonde highlights.
Y-22 - Powdered Peach, Strawberry Blonde with Ash Blonde highlights. It's almost the same color as the Y-531, just the color percentage is little bit different.
Y-686 - Caramel, Light Brown highlighted with Platinum Blonde. The color seems like Caramel Swirl because the blonde really stands out.
01R - Almond Frost, Golden Blonde highlighted with Ash Blonde and with Dark Roots.
14-24A - Cream Soda , Dark Blonde and highlighted with Light Blonde.
18-22 - Lux Blonde Blend, Dark Ash Blonde blended with Baby Blonde.
24-613 - Summer Shandy, Light Blonde blended with Platinumum Blonde.
10R - Creamy Ice, Gold Blond blend with light blonde and Dark Roots.
G-613 - Platinum Blonde,
T-486 - Sunshine Ombre, light brown highlighted with Platinum Blonde.
T-414 - Rooted Mocha, Medium Brown and Light Brown Blend with Blonde highlights and Medium Brown Roots.
LMD - Limestone, Sillver grey blend with dark grey.

Other colors:
60% gray - 60% White hair blended with Natural Black.
33JR - Deep Auburn, Deep Auburn with rooted

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