An honest review from Norway for Megan silk top human hair topper

January 16, 2020 Whispers from Customers Views: 4920

Hi! My name is Maria from Norway. I recently purchased my first Hair Piece from UniWigs, a "14 inch Megan Silk Top Remy Human Hair Topper". Excellent service and the topper arrived in no time!

The topper is fantastic, well made, not heavy and with nice strong hair. With a very realistic scalp and part line. I have been wearing this beautiful topper non stop after I did some "redesign" of the attachment system, so that I can use the topper without the pressure clips to hold it in place. I include some pictures, showing my homemade "elastic headband" attachment system. I had to tie it and size it directly on my head, until I achieved the right size. The result is comfortable, with minimal tear to my bio-hair, and the topper feels very secure on my head.

Dark Coffee Brown Topper

I had ordered color G4 Dark Coffee Brown. This color was lighter than my own bio-hair, so I carefully dyed it to my own color Ash Brown 4.1. The quality of the hair on the topper is excellent, and the result was perfect.

I currently have severe hair loss on the forehead and the crown area, and long hair in the back of the head. Although the topper is correctly sized, I should be protective of my fragile bio-hair around these areas and I cannot risk pulling by using the pressure clips on the topper.

My Megan hair topper arrived with a Halo Wire. The thin wire broke the first time I tried to adjust it.

silk top hair topper

I have "redesigned" the attachment system for my topper at home, as follows:

I removed the front pressure clips, and the tiny mini-clips of the Halo wire. I also intend to remove the back clips, I have not done it yet. But I did not want to delay my review.

To help lay the front lace flat, I stiffened the front lace by sewing transparent thread thru it. Then I sewed on the front lace a very thin dark elastic thread band that goes around my head.

To hold the topper itself in place on my head, I sewed on thin (but strong enough) elastic thread headband on the front part of the topper, and the same on the back part of the topper. I measured required the length of the threads directly on my head. Then tied the front and back elastic thread bands and the front lace very thin elastic band together. Had to adjust several times, to make sure it is not too tight or loose for my head.

To put on the topper, I part some bio-hair towards my face, and I tie the rest in a bun. I place the topper low on my forehead, where my bio-hair would be, and slide the elastic headband system under the bun. Then, I let the bun loose and spread the bio-hair to help hold the topper in place. My Megan hair topper has enough hair density and length to help conceal the homemade elastic headband attachment system.

I am very pleased with the hair topper, its quality and how it is made. I am also very please with the excellent service and delivery from UniWigs! I will continue as a costumer and I strongly recommend you to others!

Thank you for helping at a time of need and vulnerability!

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