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April 20, 2020 How tos and Tips Views: 8789

The bun hairstyle is a timeless look, and very stylish. Hair buns are also great for people with thin hair, as it can give the appearance of a lot of hair.

Trying new hairstyles at home can be fun, and there are many types of bun hairstyles. Here's 5 pretty hair bun styles we've put together for you to try!

Here are our top hair bun looks:

Half UP half down

Half UP half down

This pretty hair style depends on how much hair you like up versus how much you like down. This half up half down style also looks chic with some loose pieces of hair around the temples. To get this look, make a pony, spray some spray into your ponytail and use your fingers to wrap your ponytail into an effortless bun with an elastic band.


High bun

The classy high bun is always fashionable. To make the high bun, put your hair into a high ponytail. Then, make another ponytail a few inches below the main elastic. The purpose of the second ponytail is to keep the short layers from sticking out of the bun. Finally, wrap the hair around both ponytails into a bun, making sure to cover the elastic. Viola, done.

Introducing our Mabel Ponytail Wig, a versatile and elegant remy human hair wig that will elevate your style in an instant. Whether you prefer a high ponytail, buns, or other updo styles, this ponytail wig offers the perfect combination of convenience and sophistication, making it the ideal accessory for various occasions.

Low bun

Low bun

This bun is great for a work do, a date night or even a formal event. The best part about the low bun is that it takes minutes to do.

Firstly, brush your hair back and then twist your hair around into a low bun and secure. For an effortless look, try messing it up a little by gently pulling on a few small sections.

Two buns style

Two buns style

The two bun style is a fun and cute look that can be worn for festivals, parties, fun day outs, or just because you want to! To make a two bun style, brush and separate your hair into two sections. You can use dry shampoo to give your hair some texture. Then twist one section of hair up high into a bun, and then repeat with the other. Bobby pins will help your hair stay in place.

Messy bun

It's really easy to make a messy bun, and when we've got messy hair, oily hair or dry hair, we just want to throw it up. A messy bun is perfect for when your hair is due a wash. To make a messy bun, pull your hair up in a ponytail and rake through with your fingers, grab your elastic and twist your hair up.

If you don't have enough hair to make a bun, we sell our UniWigs human hair bun to create those fashionable bun styles.

Check out June Penny's video about her bun:
"I love my hair up, or sometimes I pull it as a messy bun at home. It only takes seconds to do."

Which bun style is your favorite? Comment below!

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