2019 Hair Color Trends

January 18, 2019

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As 2018 brought us so many fantastic hair styles and hair colors, let's open the arms to welcome the unknown but attractive 2019. 2019 must be a changing year in hair color revolution. Most cooler-tone hair colors will be attracted by more and more people while warmer hair colors always grab people's heart. UniWigs will keep following the trend of Times to serve for people's deep demand. Many new arrivals for wigstopper and extensions will come in and meet everyone soon.

ash blonde

Blonde color is always on trend and it will also be the most popular color in 2019. We have collected many ideas from our customers and all of them hope to see more blonde shades in our hair products. In 2019, our designers will plan to mix up with some popular blonde colors to create the different shades that blonde can show. For example, we can use the ash blonde as a base color and add some platinum blonde shades as the highlight.

pastel pink

Warm/Pastel Pink
Pink color will also be a popular color especially among the young people. Dyeing into a pink color requires a high degree of color sensitivity and resolution for a colorist. If the pink is too dark, it will give a feel of vulgar. Warm or pastel pink still will be the first choice for young people in 2019.

ashy gray

Ashy Gray
Long times ago, the gray color may be regarded as the color for older women showing the ages and experience. But now, gray hair color is no longer a shade of color to fear, the cooler color, like ashy gray has been a popular color that people pursue. If you want to be a person on trends, just make an appointment to your stylist to make an Ashy gray hair color for you.

Light highlighted brown

Light highlighted brown
Light brown with blonde highlight is a color that between brown and blonde shade. Brown and blonde are both the popular color that people love. Brown color is a bio color for people, but if dyed it to a light brown and add some blonde highlighted, the total feel will be fashionable!

In 2019, have you prepared to make a different look for yourself? Keep your attention on UniWigs website. You will get more inspirations in our New Arrivals in 2019.


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