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Hair toppers are not a new name in the fashion industry. Hair toppers have been popular for years, and they help to provide hair volume to women all around the world. Hair toppers are also commonly known as wiglets, hair enhancers, or hairpieces.

Due to their growing presence, several misconceptions have arisen in the course of time regarding hair toppers. People that have not tried hair toppers have formed mixed opinions about toppers, which has led to people being discouraged from trying hair toppers. We are here to debunk some of the common hair topper myths out there.

Here we list the top 10 common myths about hair toppers:

Myth 1: A hair topper is a wig

Out of all the misconceptions of hair toppers, this seems to be the most popular. It is in fact false, as hair toppers are different from wigs. A wig is designed to provide coverage to the whole head. When you wear a wig, all your hair is hidden and only the hair on the wig remains visible.
This is not the same as a hair topper. A hair topper simply clips onto your head to cover only part of your hair. A hair topper is not as bulky as a wig, and much lighter to wear. Hair toppers are specially designed to cover only part of the hair that has experienced hair loss. Unlike wigs, your natural hair is on a show when you wear a hair topper. You could wear any wig in any color of your choice because your bio hair would be hidden. Whereas this cannot be done with a hair topper. A hair topper must blend in with your own hair color because your own hair would be visible.

Myth 2: A hair topper is only for people with hair loss

Although hair toppers are designed to conceal hair loss, this does not mean that hair toppers are only for people losing their hair. Anyone can wear a hair topper, and in fact, many women without hair loss love to wear hair toppers to add volume and thickness to their own hair! Hair toppers can be used for styling, as they provide lots of extra hair that give volume for flat or thin hair. Hair toppers can be the best solution to women looking to up their hair game. Saying that you must have hair loss to wear a hair topper is like saying that you must be bald to wear a wig. Don't get it twisted! Whether you have hair loss or not, you can wear a hair topper and look fabulous in it.

Silk Top Remy Human Hair Topper

Myth 3: All hair toppers are the same

So many people know that a hair topper is a hairpiece that is used to provide extra hair to the head. What they do not know is that there are many types of hair toppers. There is not just one generic type of hair topper, there are different bases, sizes, and styles. Popular hair topper bases include the monofilament base, the silk base, and the lace base. Some hair toppers have combination bases too, for instance, a lace and mono base. Also, just like a full wig, a hair topper can be made from synthetic or human hair.

6"x7" Bella Topper

Myth 4: You do not need to style your own hair when wearing a hair topper

This is a common myth. So many people believe that because you are wearing a hair topper, you do not need to style your own hair. This is not true. The hair topper is only assisting your hair. While it is true your hair does not need to be styled as much as it is not fully on display, you can still do anything you want with your hair. Do not limit your hair to plain styles, try wonderful new styles, the hair topper isn't standing in your way.

uniwigs megan review

Myth 5: Only one hair topper can be worn at a time

There is this misconception that you can only wear one hair topper on your head at a time. Well, you are not alone if you have thought this was true. In fact, you can wear multiple hairpieces on your head if you have different areas of hair thinning. You only need to be careful with your application so that it doesn't show that you are wearing a hairpiece. For instance, you could wear a small-sized hair topper with a separate clip-in bang, to cover both your part and your hairline.
Myth 6: Hair toppers are only designed for the top front part of the head
Hair thinning does not exclusively occur at the top front of the head, it can in fact be anywhere on the head. Women can experience hair loss in different areas, including at the crown, at the front, in the middle of the head (at the part), or throughout. Therefore, hair toppers are designed to give volume to areas where it is needed. With a hair topper, you can place it anywhere you have hair loss. This is also the reason why hair toppers come in different base sizes. For people that experience hair loss throughout the head, a larger base sized topper would be required.

5.5"x5.5" Claire Topper

Myth 7: You can only clip in your hair topper

Hair toppers are known for their easy clips, so it is unsurprising that it is believed that clips are the only method of applying a hair topper. Yes, hair toppers can be clipped into the hair. But no, it doesn't mean that clips are the only means of attaching the hair topper to the hair. Some people do not want to wear a hair topper because they feel hesitant to clip in clips to their hair, or they have a sensitive scalp. Aside from using clips, you can use glue adhesive to hold down your hair topper to your forehead. The halo wire is also a popular method to wear your hair toppers. Many new hair toppers have a handy halo wire built-in, where you can simply wear the hair topper without clips just by throwing it on. If your hair topper does not have a halo wire, you can sew one in easily.

Myth 8: Hair toppers are bad for your hair

This myth is heard often, but it is not true. Hair toppers are not bad for your hair, they neither damage your hair nor prevent it from growing. Hair toppers only help in the appearance of providing extra volume to thinning hair. In events where hair loss does occur as a result of using a hair topper, it is usually down to incorrect application, or where the hair topper size was too small for the hair loss area.

7.5"x8" Megan Topper

Myth 9: Hair toppers are expensive

Although wearing a hair topper is a wonderful option to attain your hair dreams, many women are put off by the idea that hair toppers are too expensive. In reality, hair toppers are relatively pocket friendly and much cheaper than wigs. Hair toppers made with synthetic hair, in smaller base size, and in shorter lengths can be very affordable.

Myth 10: People will know you're wearing a topper

Another false popular opinion that has discouraged people from buying a hair topper is that it will look fake and people will be able to notice it. Hair toppers today are extremely advanced, and they are designed to look natural in such a way that no one will be able to tell that you are wearing one. You will be the only person feeling that way, but with time, you will get used to it and feel a lot more comfortable wearing one.

You can never go wrong with hair toppers. Try one today and you won't be disappointed!


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