Choose The Right Color

Choose The Right Color

Hair color is a great way to subtly and sometimes drastically change your entire appearance. The right hair product color can make you look fab with very little effort. Choosing the right color can be a challenge especially for a starter. Follow these steps below and we believe you will find the perfect color.


UniWigs provides various colors for all our hair products and we will continue to update new colors based on the latest trends. Our online color swatches are intended as a general guideline only. Due to individual monitor settings and lighting conditions, actual colors can vary from what you see on your screen. Try to blend a color that is slightly lighter or darker than your own hair as it is likely to look more natural and will add depth and variance to your color.

  • Black Colors

    • #1 - Jet Black Darkest Black(Pitch Black)
    • #G-1B - Off Black Darker Black (A slight shade lighter than Jet Black)
    • NB - Natural Black Natural Growth Black that can be bleached and dyed. Lighter than Off Black but Darker than Dark Brown.

    Brown Colors

    • 211- Espresso brown Dark Coffee Brown lowlighted with darkest brown,lighter than natural black,darker than dark coffee brown.
    • G2 - Dark Coffee Brown Dark Coffee bean shade
    • 210 - Truffle Brown Medium brown lowlighted with dark coffee brown,lighter than dark coffee brown, darker than medium brown
    • G4 - Medium Brown Rich Chocolate/ Brown
    • G246 - Milk Chocolate Medium Brown hightlight with light brown
    • T1B-246 - Chocolate Brown Mixed blend Medium Brown, Dark Brown & chestnut Brown with a dark root
    • G-6 - Light Brown
    • 212 - Auburn Fudge light brown highlighted with Auburn
    • 16R - Chocolate Caramel Mahogany brown highlight with golden blond & copper brown
    • 6-8 - Pecan 75% Chestnut Brown blended with 25% Lightest Brown
    • 6-8R - Pecan With Roots Chestnut Brown blended with Lightest Brown and dark roots
    • 10H24C - English Toffee 75% Light Chesnut Brown highlighted with 25% dark dirty Blonde
    • 205 - Brown Spice Mixed Blend of Medium Brown and Dark Coffee Brown.

    Blonde Colors

    • 8-12 - Toffee Lightest Brown blended with a little Dark Blonde.
    • G-18 - Dirty Blonde Lightest Brown blended with a little Dark Blonde.
    • 01R - Almond Frost Golden Blonde highlighted with Ash Blonde with Dark Roots
    • T-486 - Sunshine Ombre light brown highlighted with 25% Platinum Blonde
    • 606R - Honey Wheat Ombre with warm Honey Blonde and darkest beige blonde long roots.
    • T1B-614 - Ash Blonde with dark roots Ash Light Blonde with dark root colour 1B Off Black which is our second darkest black
    • 601R - Champagne Lux Blended shades of Light Beige Blonde and Creamy Ice Blonde, with natural-looking Dark Roots.
    • 10R - Creamy Ice Gold Blond blend with light blonde and Dark Roots.
    • 201R - Permafrost Cool Toned Blonde and Natural Gold Blonde Blend shaded with Pale Brown
    • 605R - Ombre Blonde Ombre with Light Brown fading into Honey Blonde and Ash Blonde with a Dark Root.
    • Y-411 - Honey Blonde Light Gold blond
    • 603 - Moonlite Blonde Mixed Blend of 50% Chestnut Brown and 50% Beige Blonde.
    • Y-686 - Caramel Light Brown highlighted with 25% Platinum Blonde
    • 14-24A - Cream Soda 67% Dark Blonde and highlighted with 33% Light Blonde
    • 18-22 - Wooden Blonde 75% Dark Ash Blonde blended with Baby Blonde
    • T-414 - Rooted Mocha Medium Brown and Light Brown Blend with 5% Blonde highlights and Medium Brown Roots
    • Y-531 - Peach Powder Strawberry Blonde with Ash Blonde highlights
    • Y-22 - Powdered Peach Strawberry Blonde with Ash Blonde highlights.
    • Y-421 - Milky Blonde Light Honey Blonde
    • 24-613 - Summer Sandy 50% Light Blonde blended with 50% Platinumum Blonde
    • G-613 - Platinum Blonde
    • 24-613R- Summer Shandy With Ashy Roots 50% Light Blonde blended with 50% Platinumum Blonde and ahsy roots
    • 614 - Ash Blonde Ash Light Blonde without any root colour.
    • 614R - Ash Blonde/dark root Ash Light Blonde with dark root colour 1B Off Black which is our second darkest black after Jet Black.

    other colors

    • 60% gray 60% White hair blended with Natural Black.
    • 33JR - Deep Auburn Deep Auburn with rooted.
    • LMD - Limestone Silver grey blend with dark grey.
  • Synthetic Hair

    • H1B - Off Black Our darkest synthetic Black color. It is pitch Black.
    • H4 – Light Natural Black Lighter than Natural Black but darker than our darkest Brown.
    • H6 – Dark Brown Dark Brown Shade
    • 21R - Gracie Gray silvery gray blended with dark brown with dark roots
    • 04 - Medium Brown Our Darkest Synthetic Brown
    • G246 - Milk Chocolate Mixed blend Medium Brown, Dark Brown & Light Brown
    • 06 - Light Brown Natural Shade of Light Brown,darker than human hair
    • H246 – Medium Brown Blend Medium Brown blended with dark brown and light brown
    • 14R - Honey Glaze dark beige blond
    • 16R - Chocolate Caramel dark mahogany brown highlight with golden blond & copper brown
    • 18R - Double-Frost-Java Medium Brown with extra frosted highlight at the top with Beige Blonde and Ash Blonde
    • 24B-18T - Butter Scotch dark blonde tipped with light blonde
    • 10R - Creamy Ice Gold Blond blend with light blonde and Dark Roots
    • 01R - Almond Frost Golden Blonde highlighted with Ash Blonde with Dark Roots
    • 09R - Macadamia Platinumum Champagne Blonde with dark roots
    • H14/24 - Honey Blonde Blend Honey Blonde Highlighted with Light blonde
    • #23 - Monique Gray Blend of Silver Gray and Subtle Blonde Gray.
    • H613B - White Blonde Solid White Blonde Shade


If you are still unsure of the color match, a color ring would be another good choice. Buying a color ring has never been more affordable! This is the best option for somebody who is a frequent wearer of alternative hair products as it makes changing colors a breeze!


Send us a hair sample and let us choose the best possible color match for you. This is the very best way to ensure that you will receive a color you are happy with. Our experienced hair designer would personally help you choose the perfect color. We will contact you back upon receiving your hair sample.

Prepare your hair sample

Length and volume: at least 1.25" long by 1/4" across. (The more the better)

Section: Make sure that your hair swatch is taken from the section of your hair that you wish to match.

Please enclose a note with your name, email address, phone number and the products you are customizing on.

Shipping address: UniWigs, 18305 E Valley Blvd., Ste C, La Puente, CA 91744


Send A Picture

We do not recommend this way because of the color variations on different screens.

If you are matching your own hair color, please include more than one photograph of yourself taken under different lighting conditions for comparison.

If you prefer a color other than your own, you can send us a photo that can exactly show your favorite hair color.

Please keep in mind that color can be very subjective. What one person considers dark brown, for example, may be medium brown to another. If you are still hesitating about the hair colors, please contact us at [email protected]. Our designers will give you a detailed guide in selecting a color you desire.

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