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  • Description

    UniWigs Invisible Cover-up Hair Patch is a great option if you want to add some volume on a specific area of your head, or cover-up the small bald spots. This Collection is developed to provide a natural-looking, simple to use and readily available solution for individuals suffering from hair loss. 

    You will need to purchase the waterproof tape which is listed below “FREQUENTLY BOUGHT TOGETHER” with hair patches, in this case you can tape it on your head. 

      How To Apply A Hair Patch

      Preparation before application:

    It is recommended that you shave, clean and dry the area of the scalp where the piece will be applied just prior to application.

    Do not apply the piece to damaged or irritated skin.

    Please make sure that the skin is clean and dry immediately before application.

     Application Instructions:

    ( Note: You could apply the patch directly if the size and shape match with your bald area.)

     Step 1:  

     Place the PU film provided in the package to the bald area of the scalp. Draw a line around the bald area of the scalp onto the film with a marker and also mark the hair flow. Make sure that the outline is drawn correctly.

      Step 2:

      Cut the PU film along the line you drew in Step 1.

       Step 3:

     Draw a line on the patch base along the film which you cut in Step 2.

      Step 4:


     Spread the hair inside the pre-drawn area from Step 3.


    Step 5:

    Cut the patch base. Be care with a scissor and do not cut the hair.

     Step 6:



    Brush the hair carefully and remove any unnecessary hair from the area.

     Step 7:

    Apply the tape/glue.

      Step 8:

      Apply the hair patch to the bald scalp area carefully. And press thoroughly onto scalp a little at a time.

      Step 9:

    Trim the hair to match the length and style of current hair style.

      Step 10:

    Process is finished.

      How to wash & care?

    • We recommend that you use a gentle shampoo.
    • Place an appropriate amount of shampoo on your palm and rub it until foam appears. Gently apply the shampoo to your head. Please note that synthetic hair and Do not use your fingernails to rub the hair while shampooing since the hair will be easy to fall off.
    • Avoid shampooing on the same day of application in order to maintain the product’s quality.
    • When using a towel, please press on the patch lightly and gently wipe off any water. Wiping vigorously will peel off the synthetic hair on it.
    • Please brush your hair using a brush with low density bristles.
    • Heavy perspiration during intense exercise will affect the adhesive and shorten the life span.

     How To Remove the Hair Patches?

    • When removing the product, please use commercially available cleansing oil for removing makeup or our professional adhesive remover.
    • Spray the remover to the edges of the patches all around. Leave it on for about 5 minutes to make it more fragile, so it becomes easier to peel off.
    • Carefully remove it to make sure not to pull your own hair when peeling.



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If the product is not available in the color listed in this page, please consider to contact customer service to place a Custom Order. [email protected]

  • Black Colors

    • #1 - Jet Black

      Darkest Black(Pitch Black)

    • #G-1B - Off Black

      Darker Black (A slight shade lighter than Jet Black)

    • NB - Natural Black

      Natural Growth Black that can be bleached and dyed. Lighter than Off Black but Darker than Dark Brown.

    Brown Colors

    • 211- Espresso brown

      Dark Coffee Brown lowlighted with darkest brown,lighter than natural black,darker than dark coffee brown.

    • G2 - Dark Coffee Brown
      Dark Coffee bean shade
    • 210 - Truffle Brown
      Medium brown lowlighted with dark coffee brown,lighter than dark coffee brown, darker than medium brown
    • G4 - Medium Brown
      Rich Chocolate/ Brown
    • G246 - Milk Chocolate
      Medium Brown hightlight with light brown
    • T1B-246 - Chocolate Brown
      Mixed blend Medium Brown, Dark Brown & chestnut Brown with a dark root
    • G-6 - Light Brown
    • 212 - Auburn Fudge
      light brown highlighted with Auburn
    • 16R - Chocolate Caramel
      Mahogany brown highlight with golden blond & copper brown
    • 6-8 - Pecan
      75% Chestnut Brown blended with 25% Lightest Brown
    • 6-8R - Pecan With Roots
      Chestnut Brown blended with Lightest Brown and dark roots
    • 10H24C - English Toffee
      75% Light Chesnut Brown highlighted with 25% dark dirty Blonde
    • 202R - Toasted Praline
      Golden Brown blended with Deep Honey Blonde and Pale Beige Blonde
    • 203R - Toasted Caramel
      Medium brown blended with Golden Brown and hints of Honey Blonde and a dark Off Black root.
    • 204R - Toasted Marigold
      Warm Honey Blonde blended with Light Brown and Highlighted with Ash Blonde, with natural-looking Brown Roots.
    • 205 - Brown Spice
      Mixed Blend of Medium Brown and Dark Coffee Brown.
    • 213R - Honey Brown
    • 214 - Chocolate Brownie
    • 223R - Mousse Brown with darker roots
      Truffle Brown highlighted with light blonde
    • 224R - Dark Caramel
      Espresso Brown highlighted with light blonde

    Blonde Colors

    • 8-12 - Toffee
      Lightest Brown blended with a little Dark Blonde.
    • G-18 - Dirty Blonde
      Lightest Brown blended with a little Dark Blonde.
    • 01R - Almond Frost
      Golden Blonde highlighted with Ash Blonde with Dark Roots
    • T-486 - Sunshine Ombre
      light brown highlighted with 25% Platinum Blonde
    • 606R - Honey Wheat
      Ombre with warm Honey Blonde and darkest beige blonde long roots.
    • T1B-614 - Ash Blonde with dark roots
      Ash Light Blonde with dark root colour 1B Off Black which is our second darkest black
    • 601R - Champagne Lux
      Blended shades of Light Beige Blonde and Creamy Ice Blonde, with natural-looking Dark Roots.
    • 10R - Creamy Ice
      Gold Blond blend with light blonde and Dark Roots.
    • 201R - Permafrost
      Cool Toned Blonde and Natural Gold Blonde Blend shaded with Pale Brown
    • 605R - Ombre Blonde
      Ombre with Light Brown fading into Honey Blonde and Ash Blonde with a Dark Root.
    • Y-411 - Honey Blonde
      Light Gold blond
    • 603 - Moonlite Blonde
      Mixed Blend of 50% Chestnut Brown and 50% Beige Blonde.
    • Y-686 - Caramel
      Light Brown highlighted with 25% Platinum Blonde
    • 14-24A - Cream Soda
      67% Dark Blonde and highlighted with 33% Light Blonde
    • 18-22 - Wooden Blonde
      75% Dark Ash Blonde blended with Baby Blonde
    • T-414 - Rooted Mocha
      Medium Brown and Light Brown Blend with 5% Blonde highlights and Medium Brown Roots
    • Y-531 - Peach Powder
      Strawberry Blonde with Ash Blonde highlights
    • Y-22 - Powdered Peach
      Strawberry Blonde with Ash Blonde highlights.
    • Y-421 - Milky Blonde
      Light Honey Blonde
    • 24-613 - Summer Sandy
      50% Light Blonde blended with 50% Platinumum Blonde
    • G-613 - Platinum Blonde
    • 24-613R- Summer Shandy With Ashy Roots
      50% Light Blonde blended with 50% Platinumum Blonde and ahsy roots
    • 614 - Ash Blonde
      Ash Light Blonde without any root colour.
    • 614R - Ash Blonde/dark root
      Ash Light Blonde with dark root colour 1B Off Black which is our second darkest black after Jet Black.
    • 617R - Sandy Blonde
    • 615R - Creamy Blonde

    other colors

    • 60% gray
      60% White hair blended with Natural Black.
    • 33JR - Deep Auburn
      Deep Auburn with rooted.
    • 301R - Burnt Rose
      Copper Red blended with Deep Auburn Red with Dark Medium Brown highlights. With our most natural-looking dark roots.
    • LMD - Limestone
      Silver grey blend with dark grey.
  • Synthetic Hair

    • H1B - Off Black
      Our darkest synthetic Black color. It is pitch Black.
    • H4 – Light Natural Black
      Lighter than Natural Black but darker than our darkest Brown.
    • H6 – Dark Brown
      Dark Brown Shade
    • 21R - Gracie Gray
      silvery gray blended with dark brown with dark roots
    • 04 - Medium Brown
      Our Darkest Synthetic Brown
    • G246 - Milk Chocolate
      Mixed blend Medium Brown, Dark Brown & Light Brown
    • 06 - Light Brown
      Natural Shade of Light Brown,darker than human hair
    • H246 – Medium Brown Blend
      Medium Brown blended with dark brown and light brown
    • 14R - Honey Glaze
      dark beige blond
    • 16R - Chocolate Caramel
      dark mahogany brown highlight with golden blond & copper brown
    • 18R - Double-Frost-Java
      Medium Brown with extra frosted highlight at the top with Beige Blonde and Ash Blonde
    • 24B-18T - Butter Scotch
      dark blonde tipped with light blonde
    • 10R - Creamy Ice
      Gold Blond blend with light blonde and Dark Roots
    • 01R - Almond Frost
      Golden Blonde highlighted with Ash Blonde with Dark Roots
    • 09R - Macadamia
      Platinumum Champagne Blonde with dark roots
    • H14/24 - Honey Blonde Blend
      Honey Blonde Highlighted with Light blonde
    • #23 - Monique Gray
      Blend of Silver Gray and Subtle Blonde Gray.
    • H613B - White Blonde
      Solid White Blonde Shade
*Things You Need to Know About Color Difference

Even though we want to present the most accurate colors for customers, color differences are inevitable due to factors beyond our control. Here are things you need to know about color differences before you make a decision.

  • 1. There is a color difference between the colors on the screen and the actual colors due to variable monitor calibrations. The computer or device you use may have an impact on how colors appear.
  • 2. After being subjected to high temperatures, the color will change. So if you would like to order a wavy/curly hair product, the color of the wavy/curly product is different from that of the straight one. We cannot control it.
  • 3. We dye the hair manually. So the accuracy of the color is greatly affected by the eyes' sensitivity, the light, the weather, the time control, and the person who dyes. You may find the color differences on the same color of the same product you purchase at a different time.
  • 4. The same color even shows up differently on different hair fibers. For example, the Creamy Ice color in synthetic is different from that in human hair.

Be that as it may, we'll try our best to control the color differences. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at [email protected] 

lace color

    1. Natural-looking front hairline
    2. Closed weft with elastic net inside of the cap
    3. Clips/Combs already sewn in
    4. Competitively less expensive
    5. Handled with care

    1. 100% Hand-Tied
    2. No Clips, combs pre-sewn
    3. Complete hair loss friendly
    4. Allows a free parting anywhere
    5. Natural hair movement
    6. Can be worn in a high ponytail or updo

    1. Glue free
    2. 100% Hand-tied
    3. Clips, combs pre-sewn
    4. An adjustable Strap
    5. Good for beginners

    For Mono Top Wigs, the top portion of the cap is made from a very fine, sheer material called monofilament.

    1. Best for cancer patients
    2. An illusion of natural hair growth
    3. Soft comfortable cap
    4. Friendly on sensitive scalps
    5. Natural hair movement

    Using a tri-layer system, when the hair is knotted, the knots are below the silk concealed between the layers, the hair is then injected through the silk material making the knots 100% invisible, giving the illusion that the hair is actually growing out of your scalp.

    1. Looks just like your own scalp
    2. No Clips, combs pre-sewn
    3. Complete hair loss friendly
    4. Allows a free parting anywhere

    1. Looks just like your own scalp
    2. Glue free
    3. Clips, combs pre-sewn
    4. An adjustable Strap
    5. Good for beginners
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