WIGS 101: Tips For Every Day Wig Wearing

January 03, 2020 How tos and Tips Views: 8704

If you're an everyday wig wearer, you will know how amazing and convenient it can be. With either synthetic or human hair wigs, you can skip hours of styling and go straight to the end with a pre-styled piece that will last all week long.

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Here are a few tips that help you have a better experience with wearing wigs daily.

1.Wear a wig cap

wig cap

To wear a good wig cap can help keep our wigs clean and ensure that your hair is properly secured for comfortable wearing experience and you can reuse them by washing them and letting them dry overnight to prevent any smells. Even if you don't have hair, wear one! The more you can create a buffer between your wigs and the oils on your scalp the better.

2. Switch up your wigs

If you think of your wigs as your shoes, you'll keep them in far better shape. Have at least two pieces available at all time to rotate, so either of them experiences less wearing and risk to be damaged. This also reduces washing frequency and will prevent you from having to wash your pieces every week.

3.Wash every 9 to 10 wears

Just like natural biological hair, wigs shouldn’t be washed every day either. Depending on how often you wear a wig, how much you sweat daily and your activity level will determine how frequently you should wash your wig. We generally recommend you to wash the wig every 9 to 10 wears.

4.Never sleep in wigs

We recommend that you never sleep in wigs as it can cause damage to the wigs, especially some delicate parts like the lace front or monofilament fiber and reduce the life span of your wig.

5.Properly store your wigs

wig stand

Properly storing your pieces can make all the difference. If you remove your wig daily, shake it out and place it on a wig stand or a wig head. Remember to store your wig somewhere dry and cool.

6.Use a wide-tooth/ Loop brush to tame your wig

loop comb

Avoid using paddle brushes or round brushes if your wig needs some taming throughout the day. Always take a wide-tooth/Loop comb in your bag for a quick touch-up.

Please remember that with proper care you can keep your wigs for their expected lifetimes or even longer.


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