Why We Give Back

December 26, 2022 News Views: 620

We are UniWigs, and this is why we give back…

Giving back to the hair loss community is at the very core of the UniWigs brand. But to completely understand why we must go all the way back to the beginning of UniWigs and why it was even started. You see, a dear friend of our founder was diagnosed with cancer. This news gutted him and he wanted to find a way to help. As she was losing her hair, and her confidence along with it, he had an idea. He was determined to find his dear friend a hair loss solution and because of that, an incredibly beautiful wig was made. Watching her confidence restored at such a difficult time in her life was an extremely rewarding thing to watch. That feeling you get when you do something good inspired him to push further so he could help more people in desperate need of hair loss solutions. In 2012, UniWigs was born and because of this humble start, UniWigs has been able to help thousands of people with hair loss!


We strive to offer high-quality pieces that can change people’s lives, but we don’t just want to profit from that. We want to use our platform and business as a source for good. Of course, we are a business so we need to run as such so we can pay our employees and supply high-quality products; but we are also a company that wants to share people’s stories, learn from the hair loss community, and ultimately give back in any way that we can.  We are constantly researching and finding organizations we can work with that put money into cancer research, hair loss research, alopecia research, etc. This is where we find the most joy and reward as a company.


Currently, we are working with breastcancer.org. We love what their non-profit organization is doing for Breast Cancer and we knew we wanted to join in. We have pledged to donate at least $5,000 and we have also set up a function on our site where our customers can donate $1 when checking out. After working with women who have Breast Cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness month, we know now more than ever that running an awareness campaign is important, but donating money to these types of organizations is even more important. Awareness gets people talking and thinking about Breast Cancer, but it’s money in the right hands that make things happen in a physical way. We want to be a part of that so we make sure to donate every year to these types of organizations. 

We have also found ways to give back within our employee group. Instead of building our factory in a large, more developed city, we took our factory to a small town in Guizhou. Guizhou is a southern province in China full of women who are exceptionally skilled at embroidery. By taking our factory to the skilled embroiderers of this small town, we allowed them to stay with their families. Oftentimes, people in China will separate from their families to find work in the bigger cities where there is more opportunity. They will leave their children to be raised by their grandparents so they can find a good-paying job to support their family. Building our factory in Guizhou allows them to stay with their families in their hometowns. Our factory workers are paid a high salary, are fed 2 meals a day, can bring their babies to work with them, and we also have a daycare and kindergarten on site. Seeing this in person is truly amazing. The employees are happy, and well taken care of, and so are their children.


It can be hard to find wig companies with good morals and ethical practices. As a company, we work extremely hard to do things the right way. We make sure to only work with hair factories that have the right paperwork and certificates ensuring they have ethical practices in place. Growth within our company is a goal of ours, but we don’t sacrifice quality and human rights in order to achieve it.


At UniWigs, we value people. Whether that be our customer or our very own employee. We know that we wouldn’t be here today without either of them so we do our best to keep them happy! We are so grateful for all the support over the last 10 years, it has been such an adventure! Thinking back to our humble beginning, it’s amazing to see how far we have come. A whole lot of good can come from wanting to help even just one person that’s how we started, and that’s how we will move forward. Thanks for being here, it’s you that has given us the last 10 years! 


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