Why UniWigs is Obtaining Customer Feedback

February 18, 2020 How tos and Tips Views: 1590


Keeping our customers happy is our main focus. We want to do the best we can to make shopping with UniWigs as enjoyable as possible.

We need our customers feedback so that we can understand where we can improve. Although it can sometimes be difficult to determine the best way to obtain and measure our customer feedback.

As a first step in boosting customer satisfaction, we usually compile feedback regarding its present performance. By understanding the differences between satisfied and dissatisfied customers.


We use versatile methods. Toll-free customer service telephone lines to monitor customer feedback, and timely live chat on UniWigs official website. We also send out surveys to find out how satisfied our customers are.

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By evaluating surveys, the appraisals are carried out to monitor our employees, diagnose problems areas in customer service, and measure the impact of our employee training.

All these methods make it easier for customers to complain. Customer complains offer the opportunities to overcome problems and improve our service. We can benefit from treating complaints as welcome resources and opportunities to gain innovative ideas for improvement.

Handling problems and complaints

Because customers'tastes and preferences may change, we invest in developing new products, upgrading our existing products and applying professional customer service to meet the desires of our customers.

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During our after-sale service, we react quickly to customer requests and provide prompt service. Keeping our customers happy is extremely important to us. And the product we provide must be the right product our customers want, in other words, the cap, size, or the color of the product must meet customers'needs and expectations.

It's hard to satisfy our customers perfectly one hundred percent of the time, and we do receive some complaints from customers - but we always help our customers with any problems or complaints. Sometimes customers will complain on social media instead of telling us directly, however we encourage customers to contact us immediately if they have a complaint so that we can solve it straight away, rather than going to social media. UniWigs is happy to solve customer complaints and do our best to fix the situation. UniWigs stand behind our products and service and we promise to send the best quality products to our customers. We'd love to hear the honest reviews even negative feedback, as we'd like to know the real demand and request from our customers so that we can improve and upgrade our products and offer better service. But we reject all false comments and malicious slander.

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