Why more and more people start losing hair and how to deal with it?

October 16, 2018 Hair Loss Views: 2194

A recent study shows that close to 50% of women will experience some degree of hair loss or thinning before 50. But for all I know it's way more earlier than 50 that women start losing hairs.

To find out how early women start having hair loss issues we did a research on our Instagram a few days ago and the result is pretty shocking: The youngest girl started to lose hair at 10 and many others have the same problem before 20. I want to share part of their stories and hope this can offer you a little help on how to avoid hair loss.

I have had thinning and hair fall for as long as I can remember. But it only became a noticeable issue in the last 6 years. I am 38 now. It was so bad last year I shaved all my hair off. I was entirely bald until it started to grow back in.

When i was around 12, i'm now 18 and it's only getting worse
I'm 42, it started after I had my daughter at 30 but got really bad over the last 2 years.

24 due to depression and insomnia and stress and it makes me feel terrible

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Started getting bad around last year and it makes me never want to leave the house. Got diagnosed with genetic hair loss and my chronic depression & anxiety have worsened it, despite treatments. I consider suicide every time I look in the mirror tbh.

I'm 26 and started losing mine around 22. At first I though it was from dying my hair (I was in cosmetology school at the time) but then I stopped dying it and it continued to get worse. About two years ago a dermatologist told me I have female pattern baldness because of the way it seemed to be only thinning right at the top of my head but now I have bald patches on the sides too. Pills don't work any more I don't know what to do but it's so depressing. I never feel like myself.

There are many reasons causing hair loss like stress, depression, giving birth, diet and ect. I don't mean to upset you with these stories. Juts want to let you know that you are not walking alone. Many others have the same problem and they keep fighting against it. It's not the end of the world. I'll offer you a couple of solutions that work for others.

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An infection my jaw that went undiagnosed for an entire year. It grew/spread until I was borderline septic. Every doctor I had seen did not believe I was actually ill. Unfortunately, being treated as though your pain or illness is not real is a far too common reality for female patients. Depending on which doc I visited- I was either a hypochondriac or seeking antibiotics and pain medicine for addiction. Not all antibiotic prescriptions work for bone infection. So when I finally started to present with other visible infection? Multiple antibiotics I was prescribed with did not work. I ended up loosing teeth, hair and weight. Nearly died- before they figured out the origin was my jaw. It took years before I felt mostly normal again. Hair never returned. I wore scarves and a fake ponytail for a while and then my mother bought me my first wig for my 26th Birthday. Been wearing them ever since. Most of the time I'm cool with it- I get to match my hair with my clothes and people around me don't bat an eyelash.

@necrogoatr I know how you feel, but there are solutions for it-hats, wigs, shawing bold with colourful makeup etc. Wigs are fun, I like mine, mu colleague calls me Salt-as in the movie, whenev I enter the room haha Don't give up xxx

Ladies, if you're under 30 and are experiencing hair loss, I highly recommend getting your thyroid checked out. Also, iron pills could help it grow back BUT always consult with your doctor before taking it. Hope this helps

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It's been a trial-and-error cocktail of things. :) But in general, I focus on not just those things that promote growth, but also thyroid function (which helps other things as well). I would encourage anyone to research these things and find what is right for them. For topical use: castor oil, apple cider vinegar, activated charcoal, ginger, and onion for the scalp. As nutritional supplements: the B Vitamin family, Vitamin A, selenium, horsetail, zinc, iron, copper, biotin, keratin, MSM, calcium, folic acid, activated charcoal, aloe, and magnesium.

@necrogoatr I can relate. Don't feel like that. I wear wigs when I go out to social events. For work I wear a bandana or hats to conceal it.

Wigs are the perfect solution for hair loss. You can get yourself covered without any damage. And also many other ways like going to ask the doctor for medical service. Just want to let you know that UniWigs are always here for you.


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