Why do women suffer hair loss?

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Women's hair loss is a hidden subject and affects a huge number of women. Hair loss not only affects a women's appearance, but it is also known to affect mental health. Rapid hair loss can lead to side effects such as depression, low self-esteem and feelings of isolation.

In the case of women, experiencing hair loss can be upsetting and difficult to experience, especially if the cause of hair loss is not known. If you do receive sudden rapid and pro-longed hair loss, it is best to speak to your doctor to try and see if there is any underlying issues you can pinpoint.

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Among the most common types of hair loss in women is:

• Family history - If hair loss runs in the family then chances of hair loss being passed on is increased, especially if it affects both parent sides.
• Hormonal changes - Hormonal changes are one of the major reasons for hair loss in women, and there are many different kinds that can be to blame for hair loss. For instance, going on and off birth control medications can trigger hair loss symptoms. Menopause is another culprit for hormonal hair loss and can cause a drop in Oestrogen levels which can cause hair thinning. Pregnancy and post-pregnancy also affect hormone levels which can cause hair loss a few months after birth.
• Medication - Consumption of high dose medicines & drugs is another dire cause of hair loss. The side effects of potent drugs can affect the internal systems of the body and promote the fall of hair off the scalp.
• Stress - Taking in too much stress over a long period of time can increase free-radicals in the body, which causes inflammation and indirectly acts as a key reason for gradual hair loss.
• Hairstyling - Fighting with your hair to get it to conform to the sleekest tightest high ponytail ever might make your hair look gorgeous, but the tugging and tight hairstyles can cause hair to break fall if it is done repeatedly. Using many hair products & the heat styling equipment is not natural for hair and can consequently cause hair loss symptoms.

The above pointers are a list of the main causes of women's hair loss.

However, these days the excessive environmental pollution, diet and smoking can all contribute to hair loss in women more than anything else.

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Below are some answers to common hair loss questions.

Why is hair loss more common in old age?

Scientific fact states that from adolescence onwards hair grows and falls at a proportionate rate. Hair loss associated with age starts in women after the age of 40 and increases after menopause. Hair, nail and skin appearance naturally changes as we get older, with thinner and lighter hair being a common side effect of age. Most people will experience hair thinning to some degree and hair will not be as thick and shiny as it once was.
The best way to counter hair loss associated with age is to not fight it and live a healthy lifestyle with a diet rich in nutrients, plenty of water, enough exercise, and staying away from bad habits like smoking.

Why does hair loss happen after pregnancy?

One thing that might scare a soon-be mother more than the labour pain is the thought that she might have a heavy & incessant hair fall after the birth of her child. This hair loss symptom is medically termed as postpartum hair loss.
What happens is hair loss is supposed to happen during pregnancy, but the increased levels of progesterone halts the growth of new hair. Only after birth does the hormonal level stabilize and the growth phase reactivate. Thus the follicles which were supposed to fall out during those nine months start falling out rapidly with the initiated growth of the new follicles. The only solution to this is to wait it out for six months until the scalp gets replenished with healthy hair follicles that have grown new hairs.

Why does hair loss happen due to cancer treatment?

The heaviest loss of hair can be the symptom of the deadliest disease of all, cancer. Hence, people suffering from cancer require treatment that induces hair loss. Chemotherapy treatment is the main reason for this kind of hair loss. The chemical used for cancer treatment attacks indiscriminately the carcinogenic cells with destructive effects. The only flip side of this is that it also attacks any & every fast growing cell systems. Since hair is a fast growing cell system, chemotherapy destroys it. A few months after receiving the final treatment, normal hair growth should return.

Why does hair loss happen after surgery?

There are no links to anaesthesia used in surgery to cause hair loss. However certain drugs and medications taken could have an impact on hair loss.
After a significant event that can cause a lot of stress or energy on the body, such as an operation, sometimes after a few weeks or months hair loss may occur. This occurrence is known as Telogen effluvium where hair falls from a variety of reasons, one of them being stress.

DISCLAIMER: This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your doctor or qualified healthcare professional with questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


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